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I've dusted off my technology and ventured back into facebook live video land this year.  The problem with taking a break is relearning how all my gizmos work - wink!   Here's my latest video.  

24th Feb:  Latest News and Easy Watercolouring Tips

I'm totally in love with watercolouring this set - Happy Birthday To You.  I'm no expert - just like to dive in a give it a go.  I'll show you a super easy technique if you're a bit intimidated by your watercolours in this video.  

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Sue's Stamping Technique Tutorials: Faux Silk

Still finding my feet with videos but I've just finished the first in a planned series - Sue's Stamping Technique Tutorials.  We're kicking off with a nice easy one - Faux Silk Technique.  If you've not tried this one before, here's some step by step instructions for making a lovely textured feature for your next card.

Happy stamping!

Cheers, Sue