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Stampin Up Grand Vacation 2013: Kanab Tour

Ready for the next instalment of our virtual Grand Vacation?   This one gets off to a very early start .....


About 200 bleary eyed demonstrators and guests got onto our 4 buses and headed to Salt Lake City Airport to catch our plane.


Stunning Utah scenery out the window.



Arrived at St George and it was time for another bus convoy to take us to Kanab, a bit under two hours away.


Once again stunning scenery out of the windows so the trip went by quickly. 


Soon we arrived at the Kanab Stampin' Up manufacturing plant.  Once again a warm, friendly welcome from all the staff. 


BBQs were all fired up ready for our lunch ....


Again some lovely little decorative touches at the tables.





After a yummy lunch it was time to divide into groups and meet our assigned staff member for a tour of the facility.  We had a great tour guide.


Look at all that rubber - on rolls ready to get made into stamps. 



But first up let's look at ink pads. Apologies in advance for any errors in my manufacturing plant explanations - I loved the tour but don't quite trust my memory of the details! But you'll get the general idea.  I've always loved factory tours - interesting seeing how things get put together.

Ok first up this lady is putting the ink pad containers together and gluing in a plastic insert.


Weighted down to adhere well .....


Meanwhile the inky pads were getting prepared - look at that lovely ink.  


A bunch of pads were put into things that looked like giant mixmasters with a measured amount of ink then mixed together.


Then out they came ......


Meanwhile our ink pad containers are getting dressed in their labels ...




Now this job really does need gloves - sticking the inky pad into the ink pad container and she gives it a press with a pressy thing.  (Wink - I'm very technical, can you tell.  Ha ha.)


Finally a trip through the plastic wrap machine and all ready to be packed in boxes.  (We got to choose an ink pad each - the first of many many goodies we collected during our tour.)



Reinker time - someone uses a gun/hose thingy to fill each little bottle.

All these processes were way more hands on than I thought.  I think I love my stamps and inks even more seeing how many lovely, friendly people are employed putting them together.


See this big giant tub - full of Stampin' Mist!   Now that'd clean a lot of stamps.  It is about waist high!


Time to keep moving on our tour. Look at all these stamp set labels.


Wood blocks in all those containers - heaps of different sizes.




Time for stamps.  We started halfway through the process but I might try to sort through the pics and go from the beginning. 


I think it starts about here where this guy is cutting the roll of rubber into the appropriate sizing for the set they're making that session.



This room has the special plates too for each stamp set - more on that later.


 Let's zip over to another room for a tic to see how they make those plates.

This guy was great. 


Now I'm really rusty on this bit but it goes something like this.  They send the art work somewhere (New York I think) and get a special metal plate made.  This one is the World Map stamp one.


Then they put this sheet of - hmmm - some other material on the plate and use heat and pressure to press them together and make the plate used with the rubber.



These ones are used to make the stamps and last a varying amount of time.  They can use the metal plate to make new ones when needed.

Over to this area where they put those special plates together with the sheet of rubber and apply heat and pressure with this machine to produce our lovely rubber stamps.




Out and time to be trimmed.  We got to have a go.  Had to wear gloves as the rubber is really hot still during this bit.


Excited much?!  I'm rather chuffed here to be helping to make a stamp set.


Cooling on the air vents.  Aaah a nice Chalk Talk set.


Offcuts go into a special bin.


From there they get chopped up into little teeny bits and we'll find out a bit more about where they go after that later on today.



OK where were we at with our stamps.  Next up (if I've got all this in the right order) is the station where they get die cut.  Here's the special plate that cuts Mosaic Madness into its individual stamps.


Positioned carefully and the rubber placed on top.


And voila - stamps set to pack into cases.


Here they are getting packed into cases - with some help from us!




And more gifts - we got to choose a stamp set each from the big stack at the end of this part of the tour.  This is a fun tour!

Over to the cardstock chopping area now.  Here's some big sheets of cardstock getting chopped to size.  Now this slicer has some serious grunt - chops a huge big stack quite a few inches high.  To make it chop you have to press two buttons, which means you have to use two hands, which means there's no fingers getting caught .....



Then over to the 'counting out the cardstock' machine. 


Or you can load up different colours at each station there to make the colour family multipacks.

Through the plastic wrap machine and a label on then into the box.



And yep we got to choose a pack each.  Backpack is getting heavy now - yay!


 And that's the end of our fabulous tour.  On our way out we got to choose a memento off this board.  They were all those special metal bits that they use to make the plates used to make the stamps.  What a great gift - I really love this little part of the stamp making process and lovely reminder of a great day.



Bye bye Kanab .....


One more stop before we headed to the airport. I got a bit distracted with this gorgeous cliff ....


Now this was really funny.  4 big huge buses pulled up at this park area.  A whole stream of people got out and ran over to the playground to check out what happens to some of that leftover rubber, bounced on the soft fall, played on the equipment, took photos of all the rubber, then all got back onto the buses and zoomed off again.  Must have been a hilarious sight to the people at the park! 





Bus ride back to the airport complete with Bingo Game and LOTS more prizes.  I'm thinking I'll need a wheelbarrow to get all my products up to my room!  



Soon enough it was time to get back onto the plane.  Bit of a story there.  This was the biggest plane that had ever landed at this (fairly new) airport.  Which was exciting and even made the news.  But when we were all set to get going they found that the plane computer wasn't talking to the airport computer.  So we sat on the tarmac for nearly an hour in rather a hot plane with no air con.  Phew!  Steamy. 



A nice big cheer once the technology started cooperating .....


Home again in the evening quite ready to hit the hay after a long, but absolutely fabulous day.  The factory tour was another highlight of the trip for me.

And a gift - some products from our upcoming holiday catalogue so will have to keep them under wraps for now!


We're nearly there folks.  Just a couple of days to go and they're a little less photo heavy.  Hope you've enjoyed our little tour today taking a closer look at how our products are made. 

Catch you again soon to wrap this thing up!

Cheers, Sue


Stampin Up Grand Vacation 2013: Head Office Tour

Ready for the next instalment of Grand Vacation 2013?  We'll return to regular programming soon!

Today was a real trip highlight - a visit to the Stampin' Up Head Office in Riverton.  We saw a video of this place a few years ago at a convention and it was quite a surreal feeling to actually be there.

4 buses took us there - John picked this one.  Can you guess why?



More great Utah scenery out the bus window.


Soon we were pulling in to the head office.  Great sight.



All the staff lined the entryway and gave us a huge cheer as we entered. 


Time for some pics near the gorgeous lobby.

This is me not quite believing I am actually here.


Team pic -Kathryn, Kylie, moi, Genna and Claire. 



Time to gather in our nationality groups.  Here's the Aussie trip achievers.


OK now who wants to go for a tour ......


Loved our tour round the head office. 

Lots of goals and vision statements and John commented that it seemed a company that really lived this stuff - not just put it up on display and forgot about it. 


Clocks for times in the different countries Stampin' Up is active in.


Lots of decorative bits on desks and around and about.


I'm a bit of a geek so quite liked this little technology history collection.



These designers showed us a little of how they work on stamp development. 




I told this lady that lots of my customers loved her vintage looking ferris wheel stamp.  What a cool job. 

DSP before it makes its way into our packs.


Colours colours colours.


Mmmmmmm.  All that yummy cardstock, and the drawers were full of stamps. 


My favourite bit by far was the legacy rooms.  This had a bunch of areas decorated beautifully. This is probably way too many pics - hope you like them though!  I figured the next best thing to bringing you all with me was to do a bit of a 'virtual trip' here in blogland.






Look how they've done the writing with the ribbon .....






Drooling over that lovely neat gorgeous desk.  You should see mine at the moment!  Actually you can't - it is buried.  OK on to the tablescape.



Makes me want to go decorate something in my house!   Particularly liked this quote ....



How pretty is this part of the legacy rooms .....






Hannah loved the pics of that space. Next space was Christmas themed.






Loved this display case too - it showed stamp set development.


From idea/sketches ....


..... to stamp making .....


... to final product.  I think this set was in my starter kit when I first joined. 


OK enough pretties for a bit.  Time to go exploring through the picking and packing area.  This was quite fascinating too.  (Well - I did mention I'm a bit of a geek.)




Boxes make their way down that conveyor belt then zip off to the side and lights go off to show a particular product should be put in.  All quite interesting.

Next up was lunch - yum.




After lunch the guests headed off in the buses to go bowling while we demonstrators gathered in a room for a presentation.  Look what was in the room - more inspiration.


Here's a close up of a couple of the nooks there.



Time now to stop drooling and go make something.  Make and take time ......


Cute idea to do all the dots with the eraser end of a pencil dipped in ink.  This was a little set of 4 gift cards and holder made from our note cards. 


Time for a quick walk out the drive to the rock for a pic.  (Hot - high 30s.)


And a photo with the ever gorgeous Shelli


Then it was time to head off again.  Some shopping then back to St Regis for an early night before our next big day Wednesday. 

But wait - one more pic.  My pillow gift for this day - a lovely handbag. 


Did you make it to the end!!  Well done!

I'll be back soon with pics from our tour of Kanab - where our stamps get made.

Hope you enjoyed our virtual tour through a fabulous day at the Stampin' Up Head Office in Riverton.

Cheers, Sue

Stampin' Up Grand Vacation 2013: Monday

Home again now and a little time today to get some more of our trip photos organised for those of you wanting a bit of a peek at what we got up to on the Stampin' Up Grand Vacation to Utah.  I'll be back to normal programming later this week!


Monday's schedule was a day at our leisure.  Stampin' Up had organised a shuttle bus which ran regularly from the resort to the nearby shopping outlets.  Sounded good to me!  I'm not usually much of a shopper but I did have fun today updating the wardrobe a bit and getting some things for the kids.  Heaps of specials like 70% off the lowest marked price - nice!


We also took the chance to have a ride on the funicular down to another bus stop ......


... then had lunch in Park City.  A nice old fry up and a bowl of chilli.  They had mozzarella sticks which turned out to be deep fried cheese - only in America!!


Some more gorgeous shots from around St Regis Resort. 



We had time this afternoon for some relaxing by the pool with a book and a cocktail.  Aaaaah.


After dinner it was time for the demonstrators to head into the hospitality area for Swaps and Sweets.  We got our pack of swaps, had large cookie/icecream sandwiches for dessert and chatted.  The swaps were up on boards to have a look at too.  Fun evening.





Back up to my room to check out my gorgeous swaps ....


... and to get my gift.  This time it was some new products - always exciting! 


Next instalment will be:  Tuesday - a tour of the Stampin' Up head office.  Stay tuned! 



Class Ladies - I've put my August cardmaking dates up on my class page.  Also an introduction to MDS class date for August for those of you wanting to learn a little more about this fabulous program. 



Check out the specials page and my What's New page for some great offers this month.  We've got a fabulous buy 3, get a 4th free on our regular Designers Series Patterned Paper Packs. 



Get in touch to book a class or for ordering/questions. 

Cheers, Sue

St Regis: Stampin Up Grand Vacation Welcome Dinner

At 7.30pm it was time to gather downstairs for the Stampin' Up Grand Vacation Welcome Dinner.  Just look at the beautiful setting. 




Did you see how the flower on the chocolates matches the tablecloths?  The attention to detail is just wonderful.  We feel so very spoilt. 



A welcome message from Shelli, then Dave Baugh said grace and it was time for a delicious meal.  (After a whole swag of cameras came out of course!)







The sun set and the moon came up.  A fire in the fire pit.  Wow - just a lovely lovely evening. 



The St Regis Resort looks beautiful at night too.  



There's a turn down service as well.  I wondered what that was - turns out that someone comes into your room, turns down the bed, puts little slippers beside the bed and robes out, pops your bedlamp on and puts a glass and water out, ice in the ice bucket ......




I feel like I've been parachuted into another life - the life of the rich and famous.  Ha ha.


When we got back to our room there was even a gift from Stampin' Up. 


Inside was a windcheater for John and a hoodie for me. 



Wow - and this is just day one. 

My sister and parents have been sending updates on the kids (as well as our phone calls.)  They're looking very happy too. I loved these pics Melissa sent through.



They both liked the sound of all those lollie jars in the hospitality area/gathering place. 

Well, almost time for breakfast.  Back with another update another day.  Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers, Sue

St Regis Resort Day One: Stampin' Up Grand Vacation

OK convention is all done now and time for the Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation to start. 

A nice leisurely morning this morning then it was time to take our bags and meet the bus for our transfers to St Regis Resort, Deer Valley, Utah.


A one hour drive up towards the mountains.


And before we knew it we'd arrived at St Regis.


Oh my goodness - this place is gorgeous.


First stop was the Stampin' Up area where we collected our name badges and little baskets. What are the little baskets for I bet you're wondering.


For these .....


Our rooms weren't quite ready so time for a relax and a bite to eat.  Look at the delicious food .....



3 types of popcorn - yum!


Time for a relaxing catch up with friends. 


I even snuck my camera into the restrooms - check this out.  So grand and gorgeous.



The agenda for today .....


Each day we can visit the Stampin' Up room and drop a token into the prize whatsit.  It lands in one of the slots below and tells us what prize we've won.  I won a gorgeous little container of a new embellishment coming in the Holiday Catalogue in September.  Very sparkly.  Here's Kathryn about to have her turn.


Soon our rooms were ready and it was time to go and get settled in.  I took a ton of photos - want a peek?










We got a little present - a  basket of nibblies. 


Here's the view out our window.  My energetic husband is currently out up that mountain for a walk.   I'm slightly altitude affected - touch of the dizzies - so am taking it easy in the room for today and drinking lots of water.  Feels a bit like I've gotten off a boat, so every now and then the room does a little swing or sway.  Not too bad though and I'm sure it'll pass soon. 


Here's the view if we look to the right (and zoom a bit with the camera.)  Can't wait to have a dip in the pool.


Aah this is the life.  Now for a spot of relaxing. 


They're setting up the tables for our welcome dinner tonight and I can see that it is going to be awesome.  I'll be back another day with the next instalment of Stampin' Up Grand Vacation Utah. 



US Stampin Up Convention: Utah

Hello from very sunny Utah! 


After a very long couple of flights we arrived in Salt Lake City to find flags all over the place welcoming almost 6000 people to the Stampin' Up convention.

I still can't believe I'm here!


Check out the crowd at general session.


They had giant screens so we all got great views.


So much to see here ......

This was a big display celebrating Stampin' Up's 25 year history.  Each stand had a photo of a catalogue cover and several stamps from that year plus a photo of Shelli and her family.



The make and take area was huge!


Tons of gorgeous displays ...



There were TONS of cards on display plus some simply stunning 3d items.  Here's just a couple ...



If all the hustle and bustle got too much there was a recognition room where award achievers could go.  Isn't it pretty.  Had free chocolates and soft drink too.


Plus you could have your photo taken and write a message ...

Here is one just for you. 


It was fun sharing the experience with some team mates. Here's my friends Kathryn and Genna.


The stage presentations were wonderful.  Here's a card I liked from our founder Shelli Gardner.  (Sorry about the head in the pic.)


The front was nice then you open it up and .....


If you were feeling inclined you could even get your nails done in this year's in colours.  


I'll share some more convention pics another day when I get them a little more organised.  That's just a little taste of Stampin' Up US Convention.  What an experience.

We're having a ball here in Salt Lake City.  Here's the view from our hotel...


Tonight we found an outdoor free folk festival. 


Plus the shopping is quite good.  40% off sales all over the place. I'm not usually much of a shopper but did quite enjoy an afternoon of exploring.


Signing off for today.  I hope you enjoyed a little snippet of Convention Salt Lake City 2013.

Back another day with some news from our Grand Vacation to St Regis Resort, Deer Valley, Utah.  That kicks off tomorrow and should be heaps of fun with lots of demonstrators from Australia, New Zealand and Europe and their guests. 

Take care and happy stamping,


New Catalogue and Launch Wrap Up

2013 stampin up catalogue shop now

The Stampin' Up Catalogue 2013 / 14 officially kicks off from today.  View it online here and enjoy a browse through all our new products and samples. 

You can browse and shop from the comfort of your home at my online store here


Twenty four ladies came to my new catalogue launch on Sunday and joined in all the fun of launch day.

New Catalogue Launch Wrap Up ....... And Prize Winners

Here's a bit of a peek at Sunday's activities.  Entry table for people to grab their name stickers with one of 5 pictures on it for Prize Patrol.  Some MDS projects to have a look at as well.


A bit of time to browse the displays and look through my retired stock sale items.  I loved putting these colour charts together to show our revamped colour families. 


Thanks to my stamping friends for joining me in a new catalogue swap - some extra samples for the display board.





Next up it was time to gather in the lounge room for a bit of a closer look at some new catalogue items.  I showed some of the buttons I'd been making with the clay and moulds.  You can colour them by adding some reinker to the clay and playing with it til the colour mixes through. (I didn't have gloves so did this in a ziplock bag.)  Or make the button and colour it once it is dry with a mix of crystal effects and reinker - applied with a brush.  This gives a lovely glossy finish. 


Then it was time for our first Prize Patrol draw.  We had lots of prize draws over the launch and everyone went home with a prize - my sort of odds!    Speaking of prize winners - scroll down for the winners of my hostess rewards prize draw.

Next up it was time to do some stamping and play with some products.

Over to the bookmark making table - it doubles as a new In Colour chart.


Along the bench stations to play with a few other new things and to have a sample of some of the other new colours and punches.



At the end of the bench we had a Product Playground area - a chance to give the trimmer and score board a test drive.


And some time at the make and take table to make a couple of cards.  (This pic is from after the launch and one card had a bit of a run in with an ink pad and lost - ha ha.)

Note: Card on left inspired by a card from my stamping team mate Kristine Giampietro.


Now for the part some of my ladies have been waiting for.  I placed our launch orders today (and Sunday for the old catalogue ones) and have drawn out the names for the Hostess Rewards Prize Draw.  Here we go.

Hostess Rewards Prize Draw Winners

Prizes valued at $25 or $10 - we've got a mix of the two.

Here are our winners and what they selected

Nanette and Carmen chose the Simply Sketched stamp set

Michelle and Ann each chose a pack of rhinestones

Val chose the Little Leaves Sizzlit

Cecile chose the Simply Scored Borders Scoring Plate

Cheryl and Gail chose the Postcard stamp set

Lina chose the Morning Meadow stamp set

Denise chose Clear Block A and C and a pack of those always handy Dimensionals

Carol C chose a Coastal Cabana Ink Pad

Sandra chose a Gumball Green Ink Pad

Kay chose a Summer Starfruit Ink Pad

and Lesley chose a Piercing Mat


Congratulations to all our prize winners.  I'll let you know when the launch orders arrive.

 And happy new catalogue day everyone.


In non stamping news - been busy busy here since launch day in our yard.  Some major landscaping taking place.  Here's a pic of how it is looking today.  Kids and I have been enjoying watching it all out the window. 


I can't wait to share some after pics with you in a few weeks.

New Catalogue Launch This Sunday

Are you free this Sunday 30th June?  Want to come along and have a play with some gorgeous new things from our new catalogue? 

I've got some spots left for my new catalogue launch.  Choose from the 10.30am - 12.30 session or the 2pm - 4pm session.   Entry $10.

Here's a peek at one of our make and takes .....


Would you like to see our refreshed colour families and make a bookmark to take home featuring our 5 brand new in colours? 

Here's a look at my neutrals colour family chart.  You can see the others on launch day.  They were so much fun to put together.


Wait til you see the great prizes for prize patrol. 

Email [email protected] or phone 0417 377 057 to book your spot for launch day. 

I've got a couple of spots free for class tonight too if you're keen to catch a class. Here's one of the beautiful cards we're making.   (Inspired by this card demonstrated at our recent Stampin' Up convention by Paula.)


Not long now til new catalogue day.   Have a super week.

Cheers, Sue

Stampin' Up: New Catalogue Launch and Product Clubs


Here's a peek at the new in colours coming very soon in the new Stampin' Up! Australia catalogue - we're two weeks away from the official launch.  A few other new products featured there if you look closely. 

New Catalogue Launch: Avondale Heights

I'm holding my annual new catalogue launch very soon.  Here's all the details. 

When:  Sunday June 30th

Times:  2 sessions to choose from

10.30am - 12.30
2.00 - 4.00pm

Where: At my place in Avondale Heights

Come along to ......

* Share a bit of new catalogue excitement with other keen Stampin' Up people

* Get your copy of the new catalogue and see some new samples and new products
* Pop over to the make and take table to make two different cards
* Make (and take home) your new in colour bookmark with a sample of each of this year's new in colours
* Test out a few other colours and products
* Share the fun of PRIZE PATROL.  Heaps of great prizes to win.
* Register for Designer Series Paper shares, In Colour Ribbon shares, or get more information about my product clubs starting in July.
* Have some drinks and nibblies while you browse through your new catalogue
* Place an order on the day to go in the draw for more great prizes - we always have lots of winners for the hostess rewards prize draw. Is it your year this year?
* Plus I'll have my retired stock table set up with a selection of retired stamps, tools and DSP.  Grab a bargain. 

Numbers are limited to 20 per session so customers and class ladies - grab your spots quickly.  I look forward to seeing you on launch day if you're able to make it along.

Get your new Stampin' Up catalogue

My boxes of catalogues have arrived.  If you're local - phone or email to arrange a time to collect your copy, or pick one up at June classes or on launch day.

If you're further afield, I can post one to you for $10.  Phone or email if you'd like me to pop one in the post.

Stampin' Up Product Clubs

This-and-that-bundleDo you have lots on your wish list? 
Do you love freebies? 
Want to spread your purchases out and earn some free products?

Perhaps a product club is for you.

Join from anywhere in Australia. 

How does it work?

* We have 6 people in the product club
* Place an order of at least $50 (plus P/H) each month from July until December (6 months in total.)
* Place your order online using the hostess code you'll be given each month. Your order will ship straight to you once you've placed it. Delivery is by Aussie Post and generally takes 1 - 2 weeks depending on your location. You can phone or email your order and payment details to me each month if you'd prefer.
* Place your order by the 20th of the month.
* For ONE of the 6 months you'll be the club hostess and that month you'll get to choose at least $50 of FREE PRODUCTS.  You can choose any current product.  If you'd like to you can gather a few extra orders during your hostess month (from craft loving friends or family anywhere in Australia) and you can qualify for extra freebies.
* Plus there'll be a few extra surprises along the way as part of the club

Our clubs start in July (as long as we've got a full group of 6) and it is a 6 month commitment. 

Get in touch if you'd like to have 6 months of fun as an extra special product club member.

June Card Making Classes - Avondale Heights

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be doing this month at my June cardmaking classes.  We're doing snazzy backgrounds this month.  One card features a lovely soft watercoloured background and the other features a bright striking bouncing brayered background.  You'll love them!  (Inspired by a couple of wonderful presentations at our recent convention.)

Here's a peek ......




Pop over here CLASS PAGE to check out the dates, details and available places.

Lots of excitement happening over the next month.  I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. 

Happy stamping!

Cheers, Sue

Stampin' Up Convention 2013


Would you like a peek at the annual Stampin' Up! Convention??   I'm just back from a fabulous fun filled few days in Brisbane and thought I'd share a taste of it with you. 

What a terrific way to recharge the creative batteries, connect with lots of gorgeous friends and have a dose of inspiration.  Here's a few little snippets .....

First up leadership day with great sessions, followed by a very elegant dinner to celebrate together.


Then Thursday saw the start of the main convention ....



Then Friday's awards night where we wore out the hands clapping then wore out the feet dancing!  What fun.

A huge congratulations to my downline Kylie Bertucci who had a stellar year and achieved first place in Australia for both leadership and recruiting, along with a sales award.  Well done - so thrilled for you. 


Congratulations to my downline Judy Krake for achieving a sales award and stage walk.  Yay.  Go team!

Thanks heaps to all my gorgeous customers, Think Ink team members and class regulars.  Thanks to your wonderful support over the year, I was excited to receive sales, leadership and recruiting awards plus a pin for achieving the Utah trip.  Here's this year's batch of pins ...


One of the best things about convention is connecting with so many lovely friends. 


And then home again Sunday to my sweeties.  A big thanks to John for running the show so well at home while I was away.  Uniforms washed, dishes done and happy smiling shiny children to greet me at the airport - what a lovely way to come home. 



Before I sign off for tonight a couple of dates for the diaries .....

The Retiring Products list comes out THIS FRIDAY 31st May.  

This will list all the products that'll be disappearing from our main catalogue and once listed they'll only be available while stocks last.  Don't be disappointed - get in quickly, some things do sell out in the first day or so.

Get your order in super fast by using online orderingVisit my online store (click here) and have a browse.  Your order will be delivered straight to your door.

Starter Kit Special ends THIS THURSDAY 30th MAY. 

Join my fun, friendly, fast growing team as a demonstrator by Thursday and choose $295 of products for just $169.  What a bargain.  More details and instructions for how to join right here

June class dates are up!

Check my class page here for all the dates and times and book your spot at the table for some June craft time. 

Epic Day This and That Bundle - the discount ends Friday 31st May.

This-and-that-bundleThese 5 products will be available in the new catalogue but the discount for getting all 5 in a bundle ends on Friday 31st May.  $55.88 for all 5 - that's a 15% discount. 

Click here to view in my online store.

Exciting times in the land of Stampin' Up.  Holler if I can help with anything or if you've got any Stampin' Up questions.

Happy creating!

Cheers, Sue