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Last Day Of Saleabration and New Host Code

October Host Code Stampin Up

We've got a new host code set up for October (and you can use it today as well if you're putting a Sept 30 order in.)  It is  PXX64WUF.

Last day today for Saleabration if you were hoping to grab a freebie with an order of $90 or more.  

Mulch Crab appleHow are you?  I haven't spent much time in the craft room this week.  We've been busy in the garden doing a HEAP of weeding (it was rather overdue.)  Poor John has been doing the lion's share of it the last few years but the kids and I got out there and did lots of helping this week.  I spread a bit of fertiliser around and yesterday we got a big load of mulch.  A very good work out bucketing it all around the garden (too many stairs to use the wheelbarrow - we're on a sloping block.)  We still had more garden to go so ordered another load for today.  Muscles are a bit more reluctant today I must say!  It is so therapeutic though isn't it getting out in the garden.  I've really enjoyed it.  One of these days I'm hoping to transform myself into a bit of a green thumb (and less of a plant killer!)  Our garden is quite thriving on neglect at the moment.  We put a crab apple in up the top and it is just a joy to see it blossom each year.  

With the way the muscles are feeling I think a quiet couple of days in the craft room might be next on the calendar for me.  

Happy creating if you've been busy on some projects.  

Cheers, Sue


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