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September 2021

Last Day Of Saleabration and New Host Code

October Host Code Stampin Up

We've got a new host code set up for October (and you can use it today as well if you're putting a Sept 30 order in.)  It is  PXX64WUF.

Last day today for Saleabration if you were hoping to grab a freebie with an order of $90 or more.  

Mulch Crab appleHow are you?  I haven't spent much time in the craft room this week.  We've been busy in the garden doing a HEAP of weeding (it was rather overdue.)  Poor John has been doing the lion's share of it the last few years but the kids and I got out there and did lots of helping this week.  I spread a bit of fertiliser around and yesterday we got a big load of mulch.  A very good work out bucketing it all around the garden (too many stairs to use the wheelbarrow - we're on a sloping block.)  We still had more garden to go so ordered another load for today.  Muscles are a bit more reluctant today I must say!  It is so therapeutic though isn't it getting out in the garden.  I've really enjoyed it.  One of these days I'm hoping to transform myself into a bit of a green thumb (and less of a plant killer!)  Our garden is quite thriving on neglect at the moment.  We put a crab apple in up the top and it is just a joy to see it blossom each year.  

With the way the muscles are feeling I think a quiet couple of days in the craft room might be next on the calendar for me.  

Happy creating if you've been busy on some projects.  

Cheers, Sue

Favourite Tools: Paper Snips

Paper Snips

When I'm thinking of my favourite tools for papercrafts one of the first things on my list is my paper snips.  They're a handy sharp pair of scissors that I keep just for my crafting.  'Family - this means you need to go find another pair!!'  The precision-ground stainless steel tips cut cleanly all the way to the end of the blades and they come with a safety cover.  At one of our Stampin' Up events our leaders' gift was this snazzy lanyard to clip on - I've clipped mine to my newest, sharpest pair and always use these ones for fussy cutting.  

Find them here:  Paper Snips

Have a great week and happy crafting if you're getting creative.

Cheers, Sue

September Host Code

September Host Code

I've set up a new host code for September.  It is   VJKUYH7E

Pop that on when you are checking out and I'll pop a little sample pack in the post for you next month.   Packaging up the latest batch of host code parcels this weekend.  

I made a little video here that shares some tips for choosing your free Saleabration items and also shows where to put the host code when you're ordering online.  Sue's Online Store Video

How are you all going?  I am up to the 'cut the fringe' part of this lockdown.  Hair in the eyes and the start of hayfever season is not the best combo so time to get those scissors out.  Anyone else trying the DIY home hair salon.   Hang in there everyone.  xx

Snip Snip

Take care and happy creating.  

Love Sue