Christmas Preparations
Happy New Stampin' Up! Catalogue and Saleabration Time

Happy New Year


Happy New Year.  Quite nice to toast 2020 and give it a farewell.  Let's head into 2021 and see what this year has for us.  We're all much stronger now I think and ready to pivot and adapt to whatever comes our way.  My biggest 2020 lesson was a renewed appreciation for all the family and friends and others in the communities we're part of and for the little everyday kindnesses that help fuel a better day for everyone.  

Happy new yearWishing you health, happiness and lots of creative fun in 2021.  

I'm looking forward to sharing lots more with you here at Madex Creations.  I've taken a few weeks off creating while we've been enjoying the company of various family over Christmas/New Year.  And of course - you know me - time to continue my never ending reorganising of our study.  We've had a BIG change in there on the non crafty side of the room - getting it all set up for John to work in there.  He's been on the dining room table all year but we've decided we like having that back in action again for meals, jigsaws and board games so he's moving into the study.  I've rearranged a few things and continued on with my 'get rid of stuff I'm not using' push and it is looking quite spiffy.  Keep an eye out for a tour once I've done a few more bits.

New catalogue and our Saleabration promo where you get free items with a $90 purchase kicks off on Jan 5th - not long now.  

Have a fab year.  Cheers, Sue



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