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Masculine Woodgrain Card

23rd September Stamp Sale: 15% Off


Here's the link for our Wednesday 23rd September stamp sale.  Find them all here.  A big list of stamps from our annual catalogue are 15% off for one day only while sale stocks last.  Here's a look at just a few of the sets that are in the sale. 


Head to my store to see the sale section and to shop for any that catch your eye.  Stamp Sale 


Happy stamping!  

Here's a look at how I store my stamps.  We've got a couple of DVD shelves in the study and I use the top sections for my stamp sets, punches, envelopes and a few bits and pieces underneath.   I keep most of my stamp sets in alphabetical order, with a separate section for ones from our latest mini catalogue and a section for retired favourites.  I used to try to categorise but I found I had too many that fit in a range of categories so this seemed easier for me to keep track of.  I love how the little images are on the spines so I can scan through and find what I'm looking for.  

Stamp shelf

Cheers, Sue


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