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Happy Easter

Checking In

Hey All, how are things?  Just checking in to say a quick hello.   I hope you are keeping well and managing OK through this strange patch of life.  

Pretty free as a bird

We are sort of finding our groove a bit here.  It is rather up and down isn't it.  Some days I feel really productive and positive then other days I fluff about and get nothing done or feel tired and flat.  We all need to be gentle with ourselves and each other I think.  I am trying to focus on finding things to feel grateful for and that is a nice long list.  When I was pregnant with Hannah a friend gave me a pretty gratitude journal and suggested I write 3 things each day that I was grateful for.  I still love to get that out every now and then and read through the entries.  Sleep featured very highly in those new baby days.   I think now is a good time to recultivate that habit.  I have one of these Pressed Petals journals on the shelf so that might suit I think.  Decorating it will be a nice way to spend some time too.  

Pressed petals journal

I did find this list shared by a friend on facebook and found it helpful.  (Although I have to say I've definitely not being doing that top row of tips as the members of my household will attest.  It is all PJs, yoga pants and no makeup here most days!)  


Have you been waiting on me to get myself organised and get some of our virtual craft catch ups happening?  Humble apologies - it is taking me longer than I thought to get up and running and work out the logistics with my brain that seems to be finding it hard to get into gear.  I've got a team 'Virtual Happy Hour'  happening this Friday so this will be a great chance to test out how things work, iron out a few bugs, search out some tips and instruction sheets and then hopefully we'll be all set to dive in and have a go at our virtual craft catch ups.  It is a bit of a learning curve for all of us I expect working out how to use some of these 'connecting online' options.   When I do get it up and running we can have a bit of a 'show and tell' and share projects we've been making.   I'm looking forward to seeing your faces for those that can join in.  

Colouring free as a bird

The school term begins for teachers next Tuesday and for students on Wednesday here in Victoria.  It is going to be very different with most students learning from home for all of term 2.  I'm expecting I might be part of the skeleton staff that will be supervising students in the listed categories that may be coming to school.  Will be a learning curve for schools, staff, students and families no doubt in the coming weeks and no doubt we'll need to make lots of changes along the way as we adjust to new ways of doing things.  

When I was doing our La Manna supermarket shop yesterday, I got these flowers and snuggly socks for my sad teen who is missing her friends and not relishing the prospect of not seeing them in person for many months.  Sending all my best wishes to those finding aspects of this time very difficult.  


Signing off for now and hmmm - better take my own advice and go change out of the PJs.  Wink!  

Take care and sending happy vibes your way,

Cheers, Sue

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Claire Daly

Lovely catch up post Sue :) Hope you and the family are doing well. Love your focus on mental health. All the best for the coming changes to your teacher routine too. If anyone can do it, you can!

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