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The 4 Cs Idea

Hello All.  How are you in this bonkers time?  Lots of change to process isn't there.  Thinking of you all.  

How is your weekend going? I was finding myself late last week with a bit of a frazzled brain and since I always like a good list or a bit of structure I came up with this idea.  I've been working on some 'daily C routines' - so far I've got 4 ......

Something to CLEAN (as usual our place is a little bit of a shambles in places so channelling some energies into restoring a bit of order. With some ABBA to keep it boppy. Doesn't music help the mood.)

CraftDo something CREATIVE. This one I think we all have a good handle on right? Wink!   Grab out some of that craft stash or sewing stash or paints or inks and get stuck into a project.  Share a pic with your crafty (and non crafty) friends.  I've been enjoying seeing some cards, some quilts and other projects on the go.  I'm starting some ATCs this weekend and trying a new technique for them. (I forget the name!)  

Reach out and CONNECT. Feels like a good time to get much better at staying in contact with family and friends via email/phone and perhaps testing out facetime/skype.  I'm choosing a few people each day to say hello to using technology and having those exchanges helps us all feel in this together.  I think this one will be really important if we do end up needing to stay home based for a longer time.  We need to swap our regular gatherings for a different form of connecting.  

GardenAnd find the CALM. My brain has been a bit of a whirl this week and are you finding when you go to bed your mind just wants to play through a whole playlist of 'what - ifs' ?  Doesn't quite make for a good sleep.  So I'm having a conscious effort this weekend to regroup the brain cells to do things like a short meditation, twist Jack's arm to play me something peaceful on the piano, read a novel, some slow calm breathing, a little gardening.  What helps you find the calm?  

Anyway - thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking for a little structure in their thinking.

Sending out a big cyber hug to all of you. Take care. xx

PS.  Saw this poem on facebook and just had to share it.  



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