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Last Day Of Saleabration: Craft Basic Supplies Checklist

RememberIt is the last day of March (hasn't this been the longest month!)  This also means it is the last day of Saleabration.  

With some more craft time on the agenda for many of us craft lovers to help us all stay active and engaged while we remain at home - this might be a good day to check your supplies of some of our basics.  Adhesives, white cardstock, envelopes etc.  I've popped a few of the products I go through a lot of down the bottom of this post in case that helps you check your stash.  Click the pic if you need to stock up on any of these.  

For orders of $90 or more today, don't forget to choose your saleabration free item/s.  Find them here:  Saleabration


Product List: Some of my frequently used items. 

How are you going?  I seem to be alternating between being quite productive and channelling some energies into things on my 'to do' list one day and then the next day being quite flat and lacking in energy.  Trying to go with the flow a bit. 

Missing seeing my siblings and parents.  We are trying for a Madex clan family skype call this afternoon now that we've all gotten the app downloaded and set up our profiles.  Hannah has volunteered to be our tech teenager expert to be on call for trouble shooting while we figure it out!   Have you tried any of the technology options for connecting from afar?  Facetime, Skype, Zoom all getting a good workout I'm sure once we all figure out how to use them.  Just helps to see the faces doesn't it.  

Wishing you all the very best.  Stay well. 

Love Sue xx

Craft On


With us all trying to stay at home unless we need to head out for something essential, it is nice to have a hobby or two to keep us occupied isn't it and to take our minds off things.  I'm enjoying crocheting a blanket I started ages ago and just dug out again.  Not sure the finished product is going to be too fab as it is rather wonky at the edges - I never quite mastered when to turn around at the end of the row.  But  finding it very relaxing to do so who cares really.  Have you pulled out any bits and pieces from past hobbies?  

Our warehouse is currently still operating.  Rather a fluid situation at the moment isn't it so things can change from day to day.  I'll keep you posted if anything changes.  If you need any supplies - order online here or phone/email the details through and I'll get it organised. 

Saleabration ends on Tuesday 31st March.  Until then you can choose from this range of freebies when your order is over $90.  Check them all out here:  Saleabration items  Some new items from our annual catalogue have just been added to the freebie list for the last week of Saleabration.  

Saleabration new release

Take care everyone and keep on crafting.  

xx Sue

The 4 Cs Idea

Hello All.  How are you in this bonkers time?  Lots of change to process isn't there.  Thinking of you all.  

How is your weekend going? I was finding myself late last week with a bit of a frazzled brain and since I always like a good list or a bit of structure I came up with this idea.  I've been working on some 'daily C routines' - so far I've got 4 ......

Something to CLEAN (as usual our place is a little bit of a shambles in places so channelling some energies into restoring a bit of order. With some ABBA to keep it boppy. Doesn't music help the mood.)

CraftDo something CREATIVE. This one I think we all have a good handle on right? Wink!   Grab out some of that craft stash or sewing stash or paints or inks and get stuck into a project.  Share a pic with your crafty (and non crafty) friends.  I've been enjoying seeing some cards, some quilts and other projects on the go.  I'm starting some ATCs this weekend and trying a new technique for them. (I forget the name!)  

Reach out and CONNECT. Feels like a good time to get much better at staying in contact with family and friends via email/phone and perhaps testing out facetime/skype.  I'm choosing a few people each day to say hello to using technology and having those exchanges helps us all feel in this together.  I think this one will be really important if we do end up needing to stay home based for a longer time.  We need to swap our regular gatherings for a different form of connecting.  

GardenAnd find the CALM. My brain has been a bit of a whirl this week and are you finding when you go to bed your mind just wants to play through a whole playlist of 'what - ifs' ?  Doesn't quite make for a good sleep.  So I'm having a conscious effort this weekend to regroup the brain cells to do things like a short meditation, twist Jack's arm to play me something peaceful on the piano, read a novel, some slow calm breathing, a little gardening.  What helps you find the calm?  

Anyway - thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking for a little structure in their thinking.

Sending out a big cyber hug to all of you. Take care. xx

PS.  Saw this poem on facebook and just had to share it.  


Lots Of Happy Card Kit

Looking for a card kit?  This is one of my favourites.  It has been around for a little while - I just love it.  

Kit contents

It is called Lots Of Happy card kit and has all the bits you need to complete 20 cards - 5 each of 4 different designs.  Some large, some medium and some cute small gift card size.  It also includes 4 watercolour pencils so you can complete the colouring bits.  (Or you can also add in colours of your own from your stash if you have blends, pencils, textas or other colouring bits and bobs.)  

Lots of happy cards

Just colour the included images, add some vellum touches from the included sheets, stamp your greeting and you're all set.  Nice and relaxing and the finished cards look really good.  This is a great time to pop a card in the post to cheer up someone special and let them know you're thinking of them. 

Lots of happy

More details here:  Lots of Happy Card Kit


Take care everyone.

xx  Sue

Classes On Hold

ColouringI think I've managed to get in touch with all my class regulars this week.  March classes were due to kick off Thursday but I've decided to put classes on hold until things settle down.  

In the meantime I'll be sharing some pretty creative projects here on the blog and over on my facebook page.

And I will try to pop on for a live video each week to share a few bits and bobs.  Our craft community blogs and videos could be a nice spot to visit online if you've had a bit of an overdose of the news and need a little pleasant hobby distraction.  I hope I can add a little in my patch.  

Colouring is a really therapeutic endeavour if you need a bit of time out.  Great time to grab out those pencils, markers, blends or other colouring tools.  

Take care everyone.

xx Sue

Latest Facebook Live Videos

I've dusted off my technology and ventured back into facebook live video land this year.  The problem with taking a break is relearning how all my gizmos work - wink!   Here's my latest video.  

24th Feb:  Latest News and Easy Watercolouring Tips

I'm totally in love with watercolouring this set - Happy Birthday To You.  I'm no expert - just like to dive in a give it a go.  I'll show you a super easy technique if you're a bit intimidated by your watercolours in this video.  

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Thanks for watching, and a big thanks to those who leave a little comment to say hi.  Much appreciated.  

Cheers, Sue 

The new host code for March is 3EAXEC6D. Pop that on if you're ordering online and your total is less than $250.  Host code parcels for Jan/Feb are in the post Monday so keep an eye on the mailbox if you used the code recently.