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One week left to earn some coupons.  For every $90 you spend in July on products you get a $9 coupon to redeem in August.  Don't forget to save your coupon code email in a safe place so you've got it all set for next month.  


Have you been tempted to join as a demonstrator?   Got a LOT on your wish list?  Join during July/August and you'll get lots of extra benefits.

  • You get an extra $45 of goodies in your starter kit.  So pay $169 and choose $280 worth of Stampin’ Up! products in your Starter Kit. Plus free shipping on your kit.  Cross off a bunch of things from your wish list. 
  • Plus you'll get a $16 coupon to use the following month.  
  • You get some supplies like catalogues and order forms too in case you want to share some with friends or family.  It is completely up to you.  There are no requirements to hold events. 
  • Plus if you LOVE getting a sneak peek at new things early - you'll also get to see the upcoming Holiday Catalogue that goes live to everyone in September.  Demonstrators can view it now and can preorder from it during August - a whole month early.  
  • There's lots of perks to being part of the demonstrator family.  Get your supplies at a discount - minimum 20% off.  And this is a great time to join in all the fun.
  • I'd love to welcome you to my team.  Get in touch if I can help with any questions.
  • Here's the link if you're keen to jump aboard:   Join Sue's Team Now


Painting ladder FireplaceI've just about finished going up and down this step ladder. (Legs say yay to that!)  Just two more walls to go in the laundry and the wall painting is all finished.  (Don't look too closely at my bits if you come over - not sure I'd pass as a painter!  Was fun though.  John and I make a good team. And white is a forgiving colour to paint with.)  

Floors have officially started.  Lots of banging at our place today while the crew nail down the cement sheeting upstairs.  Tiles start next week - I can't wait to see what they look like in the rooms.  Getting closer to the finish line!  


Host parcels are running VERY late - apologies.  Just waiting on a table or bench to be dust free so I can spread out and get chopping.  Will pop a little extra in to make up for the delay.  


For those customers waiting for the Purple Posy Ink from our new batch of in colours - that colour is proving to be difficult (for weird technical reasons I didn't quite catch.)  Just letting you know it is not looking like it is going to be coming soon - still in the hands of the ink mixers.  Thank you for being so patient.  I'll let you know if I hear anything further. 


Almost the weekend.  What have you got planned? I'm escaping the renovating chaos (and the teenagers - wink) to head back to a lovely craft retreat for a couple of days with friends.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to pack - my craft room is a crammed full disaster zone.  Think I might pop one of our new kits and some colouring supplies for some low stress creating.  Just what I need to recharge the batteries.  

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, Sue


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