Stampin' Up! 2019/20 Annual Catalogue
Dino Days Bundle - For The Dinosaur Lovers

Oh My - Look At The Peacocks

Peacock cards

Noble Peacock Suite:  These were the first new catalogue products I put in my online shopping cart yesterday when I was finally getting my order organised.   Now possibly I don't actually NEED a peacock bundle but just look at the gorgeous feather and that beautiful peacock tail, not to mention the elegant foil accents on the DSP, and coordinating foil.  And the matching rhinestones - yum. I couldn't resist. 

Did you know that if you love ALL of the   products in a suite there is also a handy 'one click' get the whole lot with one item number option now.  (Handy enabling feature for we craft addicts lovers I think.)  The peacock suite item code is 152187.  I hadn't spotted that so put it through separately and just realised I forgot that gorgeous ribbon with the sheen.  Will add that next time!  

Peacock suite

Find all our beautiful product suites right here:   Stampin' Up! Product Suites


Happy creating!  Have a great weekend.  I'm so so so excited - it has been a busy week or so at our place with a ton of exams for Hannah and a couple of big assessments for Jack and report writing for me.  They're all over for the time being after today so we've got a nice 3 day long weekend with NOTHING on the calendar.  No sports, no homework, no stressed out kids, aaaaahhh bliss.  John and I are getting stuck into a huge clean out ready for our renos. It is always great when John is involved too as I'm good at the sorting but he's really good at the 'actually getting it out of the house to the charity store, the transfer station or to the tip' part.  Teamwork!   I feel lighter already and we've only just begun.  Might have to watch a few episodes of hoarders to keep the minimalising vibe happening!  (Ha ha.)  

Whatever is on your weekend plans - I hope you have a terrific one. 

Cheers, Sue


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