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Dino Days Bundle - For The Dinosaur Lovers

Got some dinosaur lovers to create for? Love this new Dino Days bundle with a cute cartoonish style.

Dino days 3

Get the stamps and dies together as a bundle and save 10%.

Dino days

The Dino Days bundle is $88.  Find it here:  Dino Days Bundle

Dino days 4

Or perhaps you're a super duper dinosaur lover, in which case you might like the whole product suite.

Dino suite

With this option you also get the DSP, embellishments and ribbon for tons of creating options.

Dinoroar Suite is $132.50.  Find it here:  Dinoroar Suite 

Dino days 2

I just took a great big basket of plastic toy dinosaurs to school.  Came across them in my massive clean up/sort out and since Jack has outgrown them I thought my lunchtime club crew at school would love them.  A group of 4 boys spent all of lunchtime Thursday making a big dinosaur land on the floor in the library with all the plastic trees, rocks, fences and my basket of dinosaurs.  It was lovely to see toys we'd outgrown have another life.  We sold our original junior drum kit to another family with young boys last week.  I told them to get ready for lots of drum concerts!   Operation clean out is going well.  

Have a fabulous weekend.  

Cheers, Sue


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