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Craft Room Clean Up #437

It is January and I've been binge watching some of the decluttering shows on Netflix (Tidying Up and others.)  So I got a bit carried away when clearing the top of my craft desk yesterday and before you know it I'd emptied half the room!  I'm working on thinking carefully about how I want to use the space and only bringing back in the things I really want to be there then 'moving on' the rest.  Anyone else doing a bit of a January declutter? 

Here's a few progress pics.  My desk had actually been relatively tidy til I dumped a whole bunch of things on it while getting ready to host Christmas.  I decided it needed a bigger overhaul though - too much clutter that I don't use often or at all. 

Mess 1 Empty 1







Empty 2

So now the desk and bookshelf are just about empty.

And I have a giant giant mess in our dining room.  Time to get cracking and dive into that today!  Wish me luck or it'll be a while before we can eat dinner there!! 

Mess 2

Have you got any January decluttering projects on the go?  Wishing you all the best with clearing out some of the clutter we seem to accumulate. 

Need a bit of help or guidance to declutter and sort your craft space?  My stamping friend Tina (find her over at Scissors Paper Cards) told me about this 30 day craft room declutter challenge by JenniferMaker - full of great free step by step tips.  Here's the link.  30 Day Challenge

Saleabration is in full swing.  Read all about how to get your freebies here

Stampin' Up! Australia is moving warehouses at the moment so orders placed this week may take a couple of extra days to arrive.  Due to be back in full swing next week.  The new warehouse is using an eco air pocket style biodegradable packing material instead of the reams (and reams) of brown paper we've used in the past.  So we are waving farewell to our brown paper.  (I've saved a ton of it to use in the guinea pig cage.)  I'm in two minds really on it as I'm not a fan of anything plastic and would like to know a bit more about the biodegradability but although the paper was recyclable - gosh there was always SO MUCH of it, didn't seem very environmentally friendly.  Complicated issue isn't it.  

Brown paper

I think we need a pretty card pic to finish.  Hoping to achieve stellar results this weekend and to come back soon with an after pic (please, please, please - eek!)  Then I can get back to creating.  I think I'm going to start with butterflies - I'm just LOVING all the new butterfly related products we have. 


Have a fabulous weekend.

OK time to roll the sleeves up Sue Madex!!

Happy stamping!

Cheers, Sue


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