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Stamparatus Accessories Now Available

Have you got a stamparatus?  It is such a great stamp positioning tool with lots of snazzy features.  Now Stampin' Up! have brought out some accessories to go with it.  Here's Brian from head office to tell us about the accessories and show a nifty card making use of all the great features.

Stamparatus-and-accessories The new accessories you can get are a pack of 50 small grid paper squares - sized to fit perfectly in your stamparatus.  Inches on one side and cm on the other.  Very handy. 

You can also get replacements now or spares of the foam mat, stamparatus plates and magnets in case any of yours gets lost or damaged. 

Spare plates are handy I think.  You can keep one lot of stamps all set up in position if you're doing a big run of a card, and still have spare plates for day to day stamping of other things. 

Find all the accessories and the stamparatus here:  Stamparatus Section Online Store


Happy stamping!

Cheers, Sue


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