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Saleabration: Sheer Delight Printed Vellum

Last days to grab yourself a Saleabration freebie with a $90 order.   One of your options is the gorgeous Sheer Delight Printed Vellum. 

Use it straight on your project ......


....... or add some colour with Stampin' Write markers. 


Colour on the reverse side then flip it back over for a nice soft look. 




Here it is on a card.   I kept it simple.  Shimmery White cardstock for the base.  Such a lovely cardstock with a touch of shimmer.


If you'd like to get some of this beautiful vellum, place a $90 order and select Sheer Delight Printed Vellum as your free item.   But do it before March 31st (Tuesday) as Saleabration items are not available after this date.

Happy colouring!

Cheers, Sue 

Saying Goodbye To MDS Plus Some Options

Mds logo sueI have some sad news to share today for my MDS customers - Stampin' Up have announced they are discontinuing their digital design program MDS: My Digital Studio.  

Like all companies, Stampin' Up regularly reviews their range and makes decisions about directions for the future.  They've announced that MDS and My Digital Studio downloads will be discontinued from May 31st, 2015. 

I've been doing a bit of testing and trialing and have a few options for those of you with MDS downloads and projects on the go.    Need help on how to download and back up your MDS content and some options for down the track?  Need some step by step instructions with pics?  Read on and I hope I can help  .......

Before May 31st

Make sure you've downloaded your program and any digital content downloads you've purchased. 

Here's some hints on how to do this:

I'm not sure if this is different on different computers but on mine - I found the My Digital Studio folder by heading to my c drive, then choosing Program Files  (x86).   Or just head into your program files and search for My Digital Studio.  Once I was in Program Files (x 86) there was a folder called My Digital Studio.  I saved that whole folder.  You can save it onto a zip drive, an external hard drive, wherever best suits you to keep a back up copy. 

You'll also need to head to where you save all your MDS projects and make sure you save and back that up too.  Always a good idea anyway. 

Have you got downloads that you've purchased and not downloaded yet?  Here's how to check. 

Head to my online store and sign in to your account. 

Then click where it says My Account.


On the next screen you'll find a tab with Downloads.  Click on that and you'll find all your purchased MDS content.


Now while we're on this screen - there are two steps you might like to do. 

Download for My Digital Studio then back up your files.

When you are downloading your files you have several options - My Digital Studio for Windows or for Mac, plus Other Applications.  When you click My Digital Studio (Mac or Windows) it downloads your content and puts it in the right spot and the right format for use in MDS.  


Download for Other Applications and then also back up these files.

I'm going back in before May 31st and downloading my things again and choosing that 3rd option - Other Applications.  This is what you'll want to do if you want to use your My Digital Studio digital stamps, papers and what not in digital creating programs like Photoshop Elements.   It saves them as jpg, svg or png files. 

(Note for any demonstrators reading: You can find your digital downloads by going to Ordering on the demo site and you'll see Digital Download listed down the right.  Just click on that and you'll find your items.)

Need any other digital items?

Got your eye on any other Stampin' Up digital stamps, papers, punches, templates or what not?  You have until May 31st then these will no longer be available to purchase or download. 

To shop, visit the Digital Downloads section of my online store.  Here 'tis:    Digital Downloads


But make sure you've downloaded them before May 31st and a back up would be a good idea too. 

When you purchase the MDS program you receive a product key.  Make a note of this somewhere safe in case you need it down the track.


After May 31st

From this date MDS and My Digital Studio downloads will no longer be available for purchase.  The associated websites and technical support will cease from this date too. 

You will be able to continue to use MDS after this date but just be aware that tech support will not available if something should go wrong and there'll be no further updates etc.

Another Option: My Memories

I've been road testing another option too for just in case my MDS has a glitch down the track.  (I used to be a Girl Guide - so like the 'be prepared' motto - wink.)  The company that makes MDS has a program that will be easy for MDS users to transfer to called My Memories. 

You can get a free copy of this using this link here and this page also gives you instructions for how to transfer all your MDS content easily into the new program.   MDS to My Memories



I downloaded the program yesterday - it was quick and easy to install.  I was able to open my MDS projects in the program.  Today I followed the instructions listed on that page (Steps for Windows) and it was quite easy to copy my MDS content folder across to the My Memories one.  When I restarted My Memories - all my lovely Stampin' Up digital content was there in the right spots.  Just a couple of things to remember - Stamps are called Imprints in the new program and Punches are called Shapes. 

Edited to add:  I've been continuing to test out various parts of transferring my files over.  Some files open and work fine in My Memories.  Some of my album files LOOKED like they opened fine but when I went to export them (to save as jpeg files for printing) I got some error screens where the program couldn't find particular things like a certain punch.  I noticed some of my text box sizing was wonky too with the text not fitting.  To be on the safe side for my part way through albums, I'm going to make sure I have all my completed pages saved as jpeg files so they're all set to upload.  I can then make any new pages for ongoing albums using My Memories and I should be OK. 


Stampin-up-coloursStampin' Up Colours

One thing that you won't find on the program though is our gorgeous Stampin' Up colours. 

I've come across a few files (thanks google) with the RGB codes for Stampin' Up colours.  You can use this info to make your colours and add them in to the program as favourites.  

Here's a link to one version by Marie from Marie Stamps:   RGB Codes

(Thanks Marie - lots of hard work in that list.  Much appreciated.)


I'd suggest following the steps above, downloading the program and copying across the content - just to make sure it all works well before May 31st.  I'll continue to use MDS I think until my software has a computer conniption but I do love that I have another option going forward if I run into troubles.  I hope this might be helpful for you too.  

I'll come back to this post and update it if I learn any new details that might be useful for you. 

To my MDS customers - if you have any questions, please get in touch and I'll do my best to assist. 



Edited to add:  Found this page too which runs through the how to steps.  Thought I'd pop the link on - sometimes with technology things you need to find someone who 'speaks your language.'   Integrant Services: How to back up MDS files

Saleabration 2015: Last Weeks

Hello sunshine

Have you tried our Irresistibly Yours paper yet?  I love it.  White embossed designs on a white background.  Just spritz, sponge or brayer some colour on to reveal the lovely patterns. 

We'll be playing with it at my March classes.  Check here:  Class Page  for all the dates and details. 

Or place an order of $90 and you can have a pack free.  (Or choose another of the Saleabration products if you'd prefer.)


Aaaaahh Friday - how I do love you!  (I teach maths Tues - Thurs so do love a nice quiet Friday at home before the weekend starts.)  OK I have a date with a cuppa and a magazine for the next half hour.  Actually I really have a date with the laundry and ten ton of housework but that can wait.  (Which is probably how there IS ten ton of housework - ha ha.) 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Cheers, Sue

Stampin' Up: Top 5 Stamp Sets and Kits

Perpetual calendar sue

Oops I'm a bit late getting back here with our top 5 stamp sets and kits for Stampin' Up Australia in February.  Sheltering tree

Here goes ......Did you guess these ones?  

1. Sheltering Tree (Photopolymer)
137163 Occasions catalogue pg 22

2. Butterfly Basics (Photopolymer)
137154 Occasions catalogue pg 26

3. Celebrate Today (Photopolymer)
137138 Occasions catalogue pg 11

4. Crazy About You(Photopolymer)
137137 Occasions catalogue pg 31

5. Painted Petals (Photopolymer)
137146 Occasions catalogue pg 19


And which is your favourite from the snazzy range of kits in the Occasions Catalogue?

Here is a peek at our top 5 kits for February  .....Hello life

1. Perpetual Birthday Calendar Project Kit
137950 Occasions catalogue pg 17

2. Hooray It’s Your Day kit
139166 Occasions catalogue pg 16

3. Build a Bouquet kit
137952 Occasions catalogue pg 29

4. Hello Life kit
137949 Occasions catalogue pg 6

5. So You Project kit
137951 Occasions catalogue pg 48


Saleabration News:

Note: Blendabilities are not available to order or as Saleabration freebies.

We're in the final weeks of Saleabration so our Saleabration items that are not stamp sets (so the papers, embellishments etc) are now 'while stocks last'.  If you've got your eye on one of these freebies, place your order quickly to get maximum choice.  ;-)  

Get in touch if I can help with any Stampin' Up questions.

Happy stamping!

Cheers, Sue

PS:  We had a couple of days AWOL over the long weekend looking after one of our three guinea pigs who was sick.  She didn't make it so a little sad at our place.   She was much loved and will be missed.  Farewell Cinnamon. 


Some flowers and her favourite herbs from the garden made a fitting bouquet.


New Saleabration 2015 Products From Stampin' Up

During Saleabration you get to choose a free product from our Saleabration range for every $90 of products you order.  Stampin' Up have released 4 new options for us and they're lovely!   Here's a peek.   Saleabration-1

A cute stamp set there on the left - perfect for colouring.   Or perhaps you'd like this little twine and button pack - in our latest In Colours.  5 cute little spools of twine and matching buttons. 


Or if you are a butterfly and flower fan like me - there's another great stamp set there on the left.  Or this great pack of printed vellum.  You get a 6" x 6" pad with 24 sheets of thin vellum with designs in Basic Grey.  Use them as is or add some colour.  Stampin' Write markers are great for this. 

If you are placing an order online and it reaches $90 or more you'll see this message:  "Congratulations: You qualify for one or more free Saleabration products." 


Click the link and you'll get a pop up box where you can make your selections - now with 4 extra choices!  What to get, what to get. 


If you're ordering by phone or email, just let me know which freebies you'd like with your order and I'll get that organised. 

I'll be back tomorrow with the Top 5 selling stamp sets and the Top 5 selling kits for February.  Any guesses?   Now no telling if you follow my Stampin' Up facebook page - the answers are over there.  ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend.  After a rather hectic few weeks (phew) we've got NOTHING on the calendar this long weekend - my favourite sort of weekend I must say.  Nice and relaxed. 



Update:  Due to some quality control issues, Blendabilities are not available to order or as Saleabration freebies at the moment.   I'll keep you posted if I hear more.  If you've ordered your Blendies from me and have any issues - please let me know so I can help get them sorted.  Mine are all working beautifully - love them - so I hope it is all sorted soon.