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Stampin' Up Convention 2014: Wrap Up Post 2

Aaaah long weekends - I do love a nice 3 day weekend.  A lovely mixture of jobs, relaxing, creating and enjoying family time happening in our place.  Tonight I thought I'd do a little Convention wrap up part 2 while watching Masterchef - multitasking hour! 


I love the bag we got this year.  Very funky, a gorgeous red.  And lots of handy compartments.


Heaps of inspiration up on the main stage.  Here's a peek at a hand carved stamp from Shelli's presentation.  (Using our Undefined Kits.)


Product playground to play with some new products - fun fun fun.


We got a chance to do our own stamp carving .....


Then stamp them to share with everyone.  Some very inventive creations there.  Have you tried our Undefined range?  Lots of fun.


Beautiful new things on display. 


Love these girls.  We had a great time creating each day.


A peek at some new products here in the make and take projects.


The Incentive Trip girls made these little squares as part of their trip swaps and put a bunch of them together to make this for the Australian staff.  Isn't it stunning.


Always a crowd favourite ......


There was a special recognition room for those of us at executive or above, the girls who earned the incentive trip or a performance bonus this year.  Here's a peek inside. 


Mmmmm .............



Looks very glamourous doesn't it.  Do you want to know what I did one of the days?  Got my coffee (decaff for those who've been following my decaffeinating - ha ha) and balancing my bag, giant camera bag and coffee headed over to the comfy couches where some of my demo friends were sitting and chatting.  And guess what - yep, the camera bag slipped, I lost my balance and tipped the entire cup all over the table and carpet.  Thankfully managed to miss all of us so the only thing injured was my dignity - ha ha.  Not quite what they mean when they say 'make an entrance'......

OK back onto the inspiration.  Lots of projects on display. 



I came straight home and ordered this celebrate banner. Can't wait to dress it up. 


More make and takes - always fun to try out some new products.  And in such great company too - a room full of 700 creative people. 


Friday night was awards night.  We wore out our hands clapping for all our demo friends.  Here's my upline Claire and my superstar downline Kylie  - this pic is the sales award Top 5 pic.  Well done girls. 



Then it was time for the afterparty.   What a fabulously fun night.  I had a ball.



Bjorn Again - the Abba tribute band - kept us all up dancing the night away. 



A photobooth - I snapped this pic of some friends (waving a hi girls) while we were in the queue waiting our turn.



Saturday morning we were back into it and these 3 on the stage kept us all in stitches. 


Some more creating time ......



And before too long it was time for it all to finish up - but not before they let us know when and where the Inspire.Create.Share event will be next year. 


Looking forward to it already!  If you ever get a chance to head along - I'd highly recommend it.  Loads of fun and you come home brimming with creative energy. 

I hope you liked my Convention Wrap Up.  I'll be back soon with some creations.

Have a fabulous weekend. 

Cheers, Sue


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