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Here's a sneak peek at one of the new products being released July 1 with the new Stampin' Up catalogue.  It is a snazzy little Kraft journal.  We got one in our make and take packs at convention so I thought I'd decorate it.

For the use I had in mind I wanted to keep it quite simple.


I used the Dictionary background stamp and Crumb Cake ink.  Love that Dictionary stamp and do you know I had to mount mine when I got it out - hadn't gotten to using it yet.  Now that is out and mounted I know it'll be getting a good workout.  Check out this gorgeous card one of my stamping friends (and Think Ink team member) Tina Gillespie made.  Tina's Card.   Isn't it stunning.  I was lucky to get one as a swap - yay.


The greeting I used is from Yippee Skippee and I was pleased it JUST fit into one of the speech bubble framelits (whose proper name escapes me just now.)

We've started a new bedtime routine the last few months and it is going so well.  Each night while I'm tucking them in my two tell me three things they are grateful for that day, then we do 5 big deep calm breaths.  So relaxing and a great way to end the day.  And super good for your mental health too.

I've really enjoyed hearing their 'gratefuls' and decided I'd use this notebook to jot a few of them down over the next few months.  Hannah's tend to be quite brief (and with an occasional accompanied eye roll since she's 11 - wink) while Jack's tend to be rather detailed.   Here's a few of his: 

I'm grateful there's lots of ways you can cheer yourself up - like when you're feeling sad and then you go home and you realise you have a present and then you feel happy again, and when you're feeling like you're alone in the world and then your friends come and start playing with you and then you feel like the world is turning into colours again, and when you're very stressed and you think something bad is going to happen and then you realise that it is not a big deal and then you just get on with your life. 

I'm grateful that we all like different things because if there was one thing that everyone didn't like then the person who made that thing would be poor and not have much money and if there's something that everybody likes then there might not be enough for everybody. 

I'm grateful that there's electricity in the world because if there wasn't it would be like the year 868 all over again and electricity gives you video games and other cool stuff like clocks and lights and fans and music. 

I'm looking forward to jotting a few of these into my little notebook - a small insight into the unique mind of my lad, and a record of the things that feature on Hannah's thankful radar too. 

Want to check out the new catalogue range (well some of it) in person.  Come along to my New Catalogue Launch - 2 dates to choose from.  Limited to 20 per session and filling up fast.  Details here.  (Scroll down.)

Cheers, Sue



Seems as though Jack is turning into a bit of a philosopher.

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