April Product Club - 2 Spots Left
Stampin' Up Australia: April Weekly Deals - Week 2

Stampin Up: April Weekly Specials

A new month and that means a new Stampin' Up special.  This month we're having weekly specials.  Each Wednesday during April there'll be a new batch of products on sale.  Here's the first batch......


Pearsl, trinkets, ribbon and some embossing powder plus a digital download too for you digital creators. 

To have a closer look, check the Weekly Deals section in my online store.  Check back there each Wednesday morning and you'll find the new batch of products on sale. 

Remember these products are just on sale for the one week.  Place your order online, or phone/email through the details. 

Have a happy week. 

Cheers, Sue

PS:   In non stamping chit chat .......  wish me luck - I'm cutting back from 6 coffees a day to 1 a day so probably need a few trinket and ribbons to distract me from having a headache - ha ha! 

Inspired by Dr Libby Weaver to tweak a few healthy habits.  I loved her Ted Talk - watch it here. 


She's got a great way of explaining things I think.  I liked it so much I tracked down her website and am currently working my way through a couple of her books.  Rushed Women's Syndrome is a great one.  Should be a must read for all we women (and men too although the book is aimed at women) who are trying to juggle all those different balls - work, family, children, parents, partners, health, leisure, friends, etc etc.  Anyway - don't mind me, I'm boring everyone to death talking about this lady and all the things I'm learning in her books.  Why at times we're tired and bloated and cranky and so on, and why our bodies are not working at their optimum sometimes in our modern lives.  Fascinating reading.  I'd highly recommend it! 



Good luck with the coffee. A few years ago I went from around 10 a day to 1 (at breakfast) hard in the short term but worth it. Now if I have a second coffee boy does my body tell me. I do drink tea a lot more now.

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