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MDS: Scrapbooking Everyday Life - April

Wow April and I'm still up to date with our family album for the year.  That is a first for me I think.  Finding it super easy using MDS (My Digital Studio) and keeping the layouts super simple - just photos, a story and an occasional embellishment.   Here's some of my April pages ......

Bit of a health kick theme since that's been a big focus for this month.  (Just excuse the uneven borders - the pages are all white to the edge, that's my speedy cropping so they'd show up on this white background!) 


Lots of food pics in this month's pages! 


Giving our new Monopoly set a test drive.  (Brings back memories of long games with my cousins when I was a kid. We'd always get out Monopoly when we got together.)  Plus the boys having a 'Boy's Cooking Night.'  Jack picked the recipe and helped John out in the kitchen.  Very tasty! 


And April just wouldn't be complete without some loom band pics since they've taken over our house!


MDS has a nice option under View.  Just click View Project then click Photobook and it'll come up with a viewer allowing you to see your completed project to date with a nice page flipping motion.  I quite enjoying having a browse through our 2014 album so far.  What's that quote?  "The days are slow but the years are fast."  Certainly felt a bit like that.  

Happy creating.  

Cheers, Sue

PS:  Last day for this week's specials is today (Tuesday.)  There'll be a new batch in my online store around 9am tomorrow (Wednesday.)  Wonder what they'll be?



Well done. Been wondering how the coffee in take was going. Visited T2 the other day they have one called creme brulee not sure how that goes with the healthy eating but it was nice.
Loom bands are a hit here too - Miss 9 got a delivery from China yesterday it was a long week last week waiting for there arrival!

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