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MDS: Our 2014 Life Album - Some Jack Pages

Miracle of miracles.  It is March and I'm still running along up to date on my 'Our 2014 Life' album.  Since school has gone back and work has started I've slowed up a bit on photo taking, so I've had time to include a few other bits and pieces.  Here's some pages featuring Jack (our 7 year old.)


Keeping to a very simple style means the pages are quick and easy to put together.  This page features Delight In The Day DSP (digital version.)  I think it took me about 2 minutes.  In my house at the moment if it isn't a quick project - it doesn't seem to ever make it to the top of the to do list.  I'm loving digital this year.  So easy to do a quick page or two on the couch with my laptop of an evening, or before I've gotten up on the weekend.  Aaaah bliss. 

Jack is slightly obsessed with Minecraft and has spent ages creating a big apartment block in one of his worlds so I took some screen shots of that and interviewed him about the details.  Nice to capture some current interests in his own words. 



Doing any story capturing this year?  Whether it is in a scrapbook (paper or digital) or in a journal or notebook, or some app - I do love to record little snippets.  I think they'll be such fun to read back in a few years time.  By then we'll have 2 teens and we might be looking fondly back on the minecraft and tooth fairy days!  :-)

Happy creating!

Cheers, Sue


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