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MDS: Making A Photobook Video Tutorial

MDS: Sydney Holiday Album

Wow now this must be a record for me I think in recent years. I've actually FINISHED a scrapbooking project in less than a fortnight!  I loved the photos we took on our recent holiday to Sydney so made a digital photobook using MDS.  Here's a peek at a few of the pages.




For the final page in the album I added in 4 circle punches, then used the photo fill function to add our faces.  I asked each person in the family to say something about the holiday - favourite part, thoughts and so on.  A nice way to finish off the album and include all of our voices I think.


Now - if I can get a 48 page photobook out of a 3 day holiday to Sydney - I wonder how long it'd be if we went on a longer trip overseas!!!  Ha ha. 

I uploaded it all to Snapfish last night and my book should be on its way in a week or so.  I can't wait to see what it looks like. 

In other out of character news, I'm also up to date in my "Our 2014 Life" album.  So glad I decided to go digital this year.  I'm way better at finding time to foof about on my laptop creating it seems!  And it is so much fun.  MDS makes it ridiculously easy too. 

Happy scrapbooking!

Cheers, Sue

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