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Busy Busy: Quick Cards

Busy time of year isn't it.  At our place we are all about quick and easy this term as there's lots on the calendar this time of year.  I'm finding MDS fabulous for quick and easy.  Easy to learn and once you've had a play and found your way around the basics it is so quick to create - and no mess.  Aaaaahhh bliss.

Somehow I often seem to find myself about to walk out the door to a kid's party with one my munchkins and no children's cards in my card box.  I hunted all over the place on Sunday for a boy card and then decided it'd be quicker to just whip one up in MDS.  I timed myself and it took 5 minutes exactly.   Jack thought his friend would love it so tick of approval there.  Here it is.


I'm just making one for John (birthday today) and Hannah (birthday tomorrow) - organised aren't I, ha ha. 

I'm busting to show you what I'm making in MDS for Hannah as part of her birthday gift but I'm about to head out the door to meet John for lunch so better save that for another day. ;-)

Join for $25

Today is the last day you can join as a demonstrator for $25.  I've welcomed a few new team members this fortnight and would love to extend a welcome to you too.  Click here to join the crew.  

Check back here tomorrow afternoon - have some exciting stuff to share once I get home from work. 

Cheers and have a fabulous week,  Sue


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