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Kids' Cards: Minecraft and Animals

We've had a few kids' birthdays around the traps here lately so thought I'd share my super quick and easy kids' card ideas.   When I'm in a hurry I love to make use of my punch collection. 

Jack is a massive Minecraft enthusiast so I printed off some pics of the characters from the game and used my hexagon punch to whip up a card.  It is a bit hmmm - rustic!   But he LOVED it and reminded me a few days later, "Make sure you don't throw that card out mum, I want to keep it." 



The greeting is from Timeless Talk.  (See it here.)   I've also used Washi Tape and some silver glimmer paper to add a touch of sparkle.  The arrow is from Hung Up Cute Clips.  Really loving my new hexagon punch. Punches make cardmaking easier I think!

Browse or buy here:  Hexagon Punch

While we were in Minecraft mode I printed off an extra page of pics to punch and use for cupcake toppers - stuck onto toothpicks.   Jack loved his Minecraft cake. 


Here's another kids' card - this time featuring the rather cute stamp set Zoo Babies and the postage stamp punch. If you've ever had Stampin' Up boxes delivered you might recognise the wrapping paper!  We never run out in our house.  



The patterned paper is the super versatile Polka Dot Parade.  Nice and bright and happy. 




Here's the link for a closer look:  Zoo Babies stamp set

Speaking of nature - (ha ha, is that a good segue?) - I'm so excited about having a garden. Things are starting to bud and it is so relaxing being out there pottering about.  Want to hear a funny story? 


We have two huge big water tanks which filled up nicely over winter and are attached to a drip irrigation system.  A week or so back we got home from school and I turned on the dripper then headed inside to put the oven timer on to remind me to turn it off.  Perhaps you can guess where this story is going. 


Yes, I got sidetracked on my way in the door and COMPLETELY forgot all about it.  Remembered 5 hours later when we were driving home from a school concert and was relieved to get home and at least find there wasn't a huge mudslide or anything.  But our tanks are looking a tad emptier so have been watering by hand for a little while.  And might have to save up for a timer I think!  


Well time for me to go keep working on attempt number 756 at cleaning up my craft space.  I dragged the 2 foot high pile of things from my desk to the dining table and started sorting over the weekend.  Have a semi tidy desk and a very messy dining room now.  :-)

Have a fabulous week everyone.

Cheers, Sue



Great cards & cup cakes. I love the circles & scallop circles for the same reason - super quick!
I have been sending my excess brown paper to the primary school art room.

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