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Retiring Stamp Sets: From The Vaults

The Retirement List Is Here


OK everyone - it is Retirement List time once more.  Here's the link.

Click here:   Retirement List 

(On that page you'll find the links to the retiring stamps list plus the retiring accessories list.)

That's the list of all the products that will be retiring from our main catalogue at the end of this month - or when stock runs out.

I really should do that bit in SHOUTY CAPITALS shouldn't I.  Remember - the products on this list are only available this month until out of stock.  Some things will sell out and some will be there all month - I'd recommend getting your retirement list orders in quickly to avoid missing out. 

I thought while I'm here staying up far too late watching our Olympic athletes (and getting the gold medal for keeping the couch warm and eating junk food!) I'd share a few pics of some retiring products and cards featuring them.

Baroque Motifs

Gorgeous elegant set - I do so love that big swirly stamp. 


Here's a couple of projects from the vaults featuring it.   (This one was a CASE of a Marelle Taylor card I loved. Gold embossing on gold cardstock - love it.) 



Timeless Type Alphabet for the Big Shot

If you've followed my blog or newsletter for a while you'll know I LOVE this alphabet.  It has upper and lowercase letters plus the numbers and a little assortment of other things like flowers, a hashtag, a heart and what not.  A bit over an inch tall - perfect for scrapbooking and for cards. 





 Powder Pals  - rather handy trays with a built in funnel.  Great for embossing powders and glitter. Includes one large and one smaller tray plus a brush, for brushing off those loose specks of powder.

Powder pals

 Stampin' Write Markers

They'll still be available but only in the big case, or in the colour family packs.  A selection of colours will be available individually (the Getting Started Collection colours I think) but not the whole range.  So if you have some particular individual colours you'd like for your collection - grab them quickly. 



That spunky turtle is from Nature's Nest which is another of our retiring stamp sets. 

 12" x 12" Textured and Smooth Cardstock

There won't be any textured 12" cardstock in the new catalogue and the 12" smooth cardstock will be available in select individual colours plus the colour families (so those packs with a couple of each colour in a colour family.)  

I'm expecting that the packs of individual colours on the retirement list will be amongst the products that sell out so wanted to highlight that one for any scrapbookers out there. 

Ink Pads

Don't worry when you see all the ink pads there.  Our ink pads are being reconfigured so after September 1st they'll be a firm foam ink pad instead of the felt covered ones we have now.  Same colours - with 5 new in colours to replace the 5 retiring this month.  I'll have more info for you on these closer to September.   The cases are the same shape so they'll still fit in our lovely caddy. 


Phone or email if you'd like to order anything (or if you've got questions about anything on the list) and I'll get your orders straight in - no dilly dallying. 

Cheers, Sue


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