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Ahem - been a bit of a while between blog posts here at Madex Creations.  I've got some new cards to share but haven't quite gotten to the photographing and unloading the camera bit.  On the list for this week.

In the meantime I found this pic of my new sponge storage system. 


(Having a bit of a sort and reorganise things phase around the house so nothing is safe!!  I did clean out the drawer where we dump spare change and bagged up $50 of 5c, 10c and 20c pieces - the most fun find of the spring cleaning so far.)

I've punched a scrap of cardstock and popped it into a compartment container I had here.  Some sponges I can tell looking at them what colour they are, but others are a bit harder to distinguish.


We'll be sponging up a storm for the next fortnight on Wednesday and Thursday nights while we experiment with Crayon Resist technique at class.  Check my class page (click here)  for all the details - there are some spots left if you'd like to join us.  We'll be making two wow cards and a sample for our technique books.   Warning:  I'm sure we'll all have inky fingers by the end of class so white tops not recommended for March class attendees!!

Sending a 'thinking of you' to my customers in flood affected areas. 

Cheers, Sue


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