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Advent Calendars and Christmas Photos

I've got a couple of great ideas to share with you today for Advent calendars.  My mum has made calendars for the kids again this year and her idea for this December was a beauty.  Just had to take some pics to share.

She brought over a big box for Hannah and one for Jack with their names on top, plus a little box each.  Inside each big box were 24 envelopes - one for each day until Christmas.  (They were guessing what might be inside the envelopes - Hannah thought it might be money and Jack thought it might be fluffs, yes he's very 4!) 


Once December 1st arrived they discovered that inside each envelope is a jigsaw piece so each day they're adding 2 more pieces to the Christmas puzzle.  And the little boxes - they've got M and Ms for a little chocolate treat each day too - yum.   We're 5 days, 10 jigsaw pieces and quite a few M and Ms into our countdown and having lots of fun.   What a great idea. 

Here's a couple more of mum's advent creations from previous years.   One time she decorated this for Hannah - each drawer had a little treasure. 



And for Jack - who was a little young for the drawers - she made a 12" calendar and each day he stuck on a Christmas sticker (and had a smartie.)


I've been getting ready for Christmas today too with the annual attempt to get a nice shot of the kids for my Christmas cards.    I've decided the requirements for this are lots of patience, a sense of humour and definitely definitely a digital camera!!   Some chocolates for bribery come in handy too.   I tried a few different locations in the house, and a few different positions of children ..... after lots and lots and lots of pics we found a winner.   

Put some of our attempts into a collage - do you like Jack's suggestion for a nice pose?  I'm guessing you'll be able to spot it.


And our photo for 2010?  I think we'll go with this one ....


Now to come up with a card design for it!  

Hope you're having a great weekend with lots of smiles.

Cheers, Sue


Christine Blain

Oh, Sue, these photos are priceless! Hannah, especially, has grown up so much this year. Beautiful kiddos, and I love their smiles (I think Jack had fun, even if he pretends he doesn't like having his photo taken!). Your Mum is very creative with those advent calendars; what special memories for your children.

Kathryn Ruddick

Gorgeous Sue!! Love the photos and the awesome advent calendars. What great ideas . . . now, how many days do I have left to start my Christmas cards????


LOVE the photo Sue, such happy faces. Hannah is so much like you! Merry Christmas, hope Santa is good to you all.

Natalie Brotherston

Love all the photo's Sue as well as the Advent Calendar's!

Mary Kelly

Oh well, bottoms up for Christmas!! The photos are lovely and such a great selection of children having fun. Your Mum's calendars are very clever.

Chris H

Too cute! They look so much more grown up than 12 months ago...especially Hannah. Is your Mum a primary school teacher too, Sue? Her calendar ideas are just fantastic.


Fantastic post Sue - you had me laughing out loud - I love Jack's little bottom sticking up there - perfect shot! I can see where you get your artistic talent from - what a cool idea for the advent calendars ... very clever indeed.

Sue Bayliss

Your Mum is so talented what fantastic ideas and what fabulous photos of Jack and Hannah


What a great idea your Mum had for the advent calendar. I love it.

And your family photos are beautiful. Love them all, but particularly the main one you have chosen.




Yes lots of blurry ones of Jack - he's not so keen on keeping still.


Some beauties there Susan. I hope they had fun with it. I know Jack isn't really keen on having his picture taken even though you have Hannah well indoctrinated.

Tina G

Hmmm, I'm guessing the one with the bum in the air is Jack's favourite! Sorry to say, but the bum fixation is going to last a while! Alex (7 1/2) loves to sing Christmas carols but replace the key words with bum. Jingle bums, jingle bums, jingle all the way.... sigh....

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