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Over To The Kids

My two munchkins are off to a much better start than I am on this year's Christmas cards so I'm handing over to them for today's blog post!

They browsed through my stash of Christmas stamps on the weekend and chose a couple (Dasher and Snow Swirled were their favourites.)  I suggested a one sheet wonder type of design with the snow flakes so they each picked 3 colours and got stamping.


Next up was stamping a bunch of Dashers and cutting them out.  They chose a colour for the base cards and got the production line happening.  Jack's production line petered out after 2 .....


.... One for each kinder teacher.  We might have another go another day for his lovely Gymbaroo teachers.  He was very keen to have some yellow on his card.  Daffodil Delight is such a happy colour I think!  Goes with his nice sunny smile.

Hannah has finished about a dozen so far plus borrowed an idea from the lovely Nikki Sadler from our recent Christmas Blog Hop to make the little chocolate gold coin yummy embellishments to pop on the envelopes for her class mates.


Me - I'm still trying to decide on a design and trawl through photos to find a pic of the kids to include.  :-)  How are you going?  Making cards or gifts this year?? 

I headed off to Highpoint on Sunday to get gifts for teachers but it was so hustly and bustly there I gave up after one shop!  On Monday I headed along to my favourite Keilor gift shop - Red Bird.  (Arabin St, Keilor.)  We got a park right out the front, had a lovely browse in the peace and quiet and found our 5 teacher gifts in no time.   And she even gift wrapped them.  Aaahhh.   I think I can manage a few matching cards.  :-)


Now pop back tomorrow if you are interested in some exciting December news from Stampin' Up - our new Summer Mini catalogue is officially launched and there's a rather exciting special to tell you about too.  I'll have all the details at 6am (or later in the day for anyone not up with the sparrows!) 

PS While I'm talking about my kids - Hannah had her calisthenics concert on Saturday.  She looked so graceful.  It's funny isn't it when you have those moments when you get a glimpse of the teen or adult ahead. 

Hannah aesthetics 

I loved this funky pink wig!  Rather suits Hannah I think!

Hannah pink hair 
Hope there's lots of colour in your week this week.

Cheers, Sue



can you ask Hannah if I can borrow her new hair please - it is so gorgeous ..... and yes she looks so very grown up with her hair and make up done for the show ... that time will be here very soon. The cards are brilliant ... Jack looks very happy stamping away there.

Mary Kelly

Lovely photos of the children making their cards. My two grandchildren (nearly 7 and nearly 5) were here tonight and I had them making little Christmas trees to fill with chocolate and hang on the tree. I made sure they were sealed with double sided tape just in case the chocolates should happen to fall out!! I'm a mean Nan! They did have fun though and want to come back and make some more. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. We haven't had any clues this time as to what is coming in the mini.

Chris H

What a lovely blog posting, Sue. Your children are gorgeous and so are their cards. xo


I agree the fluoro wig suits Hannah. Maybe it is the shape but with the makeup I had to look twice to see if it was the 'little' girl I know. She is growing up.


Cards look great, I' sure they both had a good time making them. I can certainly relate to the hustle bustle of shopping centres, I've walked out more than once, just get what I want and out. I love the smaller shoppig strips for sure.
Hanna looks lovely, her fluoro wig looks bright.

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