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2010 Incentive Trip Swap

Some Snippets From Hamilton Island

Hello Everyone,

We're having a ball here on Hamilton Island for the 2010 Stampin' Up Incentive trip.  Thought I'd share a few little snippets.  (And some pics from John's phone!)

Our room is great ...

 ......with some nice deck chairs on the balcony.  (Here's me settling in for some relax time!)


Do you like our view of the sea?


John and I headed out the first day for some exploring, lunch and managed to fit in a cocktail!


Our welcome dinner on the first night was lovely.  ...

Our group was about to head over for dinner when some fireworks on the beach started - nice way to kick off dinner.  (They were for another event so nice little bonus for us!)


Today we've been for a reef tour as a group.  Fabulous fabulous fun snorkelling out at ReefWorld.   (Well perhaps not quite so much fun for some of our  party getting out there with rather a bumpy seasick inducing ride!)   Our pillow gift last night was a wet bag with water, oranges, and a couple of underwater cameras.  Perfect for our Thursday activities. 

Well that's the end of our phone photos.  I'd better be off to get a bit less windswept for dinner tonight!

Check back tomorrow after lunch and I've got my Incentive Trip swap card to share.

Cheers, Sue




Wow great view on the balcony there, yum cocktails sound great, sounds like you are having an awesome time. Well done. Even though it looks little cloudy.

Fiona Ryan

Sounds like you are having a ball.... can't wait to see more..... ohhhh same comment as Tina G... all us stampers think alike!

Bec Gomez

Niiiiiice! thats all I have to say! XX

Tina G

Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear more.


So lovely to see you and hear all your news - been wondering about you all day .... good to see you are having a ball - but then I'd expect nothing less .... looking forward to the next update :)

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