2010 Incentive Trip Swap
Dressing Up Christmas Stampin' Up Special

Home Again!

Look what we found at the airport last night - clean, shiny, happy children....

Cuddle dad Cuddle mum  


 And then we got home to a nice clean house, all the washing done, shirts and uniforms ironed, even a sparkly clean fish tank - wow, thanks mum and dad and sis!  


Just catching up on some cuddles with the kids then will be back with some great pics and all the Hamilton Island news for anyone interested. 

Cheers, Sue



Oh wow, how cute is that banner. Your kids did look happy and excited at the airport as were mine :) So great to see you and John have some me time. Your trip was very well deserved, congrats again!

Fiona Harrison

Jealous but still want to know,

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