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Owl Punch Fun

We've been having fun in our house with the new Stampin' Up Owl Punch.   (You can find it on pg 146 of our catalogue .)

I made this quick little gift card by mixing and matching some owl punched scraps.  (Plus the branch from the Bird Punch.)  I find a glue stick the easiest way to glue all the bits together.  (We have a pack of 2 for $7.50 on pg 144.)


My two little crafters (7 and 4) have been enjoying Mr Owl too.  I punched a bunch of bits for them and they had fun creating a flock of owls.

Owl-punch-kids Owl-punch

Jack was very keen for his creation to go up on our art wall.  :-)


You can have such a lot of fun with some cardstock and glue can't you.  Jack (4) has just discovered the joys of  'chopping with scissors' so we often have a big pile of homemade confetti on our dining table lately.  After a close encounter with my half made DSP display book, we've been working on 'check with mummy before you start to chop' too!!

Happy creating! 

Cheers, Sue


Judy May

Mr Owl is pretty cute Sue. I might have to succumb to him after all!

Tina G

Oh no! Not the display book! Jack and Hannah looked like they had a whole lot of fun though!

Sue Bayliss

Love the owl punch outs what a cute card

Mary Kelly

Oh yes Sue, Mr Owl is very cute and I've got him on my list too. Looks like the children were having fun. Our Miss Four is also into just cutting and pasting, unfortunately she preferes to start with a full sheet of card or paper and is not interested in using any of the scraps.

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