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Some Photos and A Story To Tell ...

A 'sorting out' urge hit on the weekend and I grabbed a big BIG box of photos from 2009 and spread them all over the lounge room floor.  I sorted them into categories - Hannah, Jack, family and friends, birthdays, day trips, odds and ends, holidays and so on, then popped them into a photo box with some dividers.  My plan is to very quickly scrapbook a bunch of my favourites from the different piles, then I have other plans for storing the rest. 

Photo pile

If you'd like to see the album cover I came up with for my 'Snippets of 2009' scrapbook, head on over to StampAMemory - our scrapbooking website where we share lots of scrapping tips and layout ideas.

You'll also find the story behind this photo!  Made me chuckle.


If you are just teetering on the edge of taking up the hobby of scrapbooking, I'll have lots of simple, easy layouts to share with you over the coming months.  Just photos, stories, some cardstock and the odd extra.  That's all you need to get started on a very satisfying hobby.  Hope I can tempt you! 

I don't care that I have a gazillion photos I'll never get scrapped.  I just grab whatever has captured my attention when the scrapping bug hits.  Don't feel like you have to scrapbook everything - it gets too overwhelming.  A snippet here and a snippet there - that's fun!

I do love my cardmaking and find it relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.  Would it sound too daggy if I said, there's something about scrapbooking I find that just feeds the soul.  I love capturing just a little of the day to day moments of our lives, knowing they'll be such fun to look at later.  And I love that it also captures a bit of me, my thoughts and my loves.  

Bit like this blog!    Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by in my patch of blogland.

Cheers, Sue



Haha! Jack is so cute. I too had to head over to Stamp a Memory to find out what happened. Things get scary when kids get quiet...


Very sneaky Sue-to make us go over to Stamp a Memory to find out what the story was...!!!
Such a cute pic- but if that's the worst mischief he gets up to you are doing pretty well!! Love coming to your little patch of blogland!! TFS!

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