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Autumn Mini Blog Hop


Genelle Little

Congratulations Sue! I really enjoyed your incentive trip news and photos last year as Claire's guest, and how exciting and inspiring that you have qualified yourself this year! Well done and thank you for sharing all your fabulous creations!


Congrats Sue! I'm sure you and John will have a wonderful time in Qld.


Congrats Sue! Great news, you've worked hard so now you can enjoy!!

Annette Therik

Thats fantastic Sue...so happy for you....


Well done Sue.....huge congrats.....I bet Claire is so, so proud. I reckon the best thing besides making IT yourself would be sharing the experience with a downline.....

Marelle Taylor

Woo Hoo!!! I'm so happy for you Sue! What a fabulous year you've had! Can't wait to share a glass of something with you at Convention and on Hamilton Island
p.s. Now go and have a rest!!!


Well done Sue - you are a star - have the best time in Hamilton Island - you deserve it sweetheart.

Bec Gomez

CONGRATS!! How very exciting! Have HEAPS of fun! XX

Michelle Lupton

AWESOME!!!! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing photos from Qld!!


keep going
not far to go now


Great to see your numbers falling Sue - not far to go now ... thinking of you :o)

Linda Higgins

What everyone else has said is true Sue! You CAN do it, and it sounds as though there is plenty of support to get you over that line! How much do you need now? As for me, I hope to join you there. I need around $300 in sales so I am close. I have a couple of events to go, so I'm not dropping the ball now. Having said that, if my diary was empty I would be buying myself $300 worth of Snail (or something equally useful). Well wouldnt you? See you in Hamilton Island ;-)

Kathryn Lowe

Awesome work Sue, you truly deserve to get to that target! Hostess invitation - what a brilliant idea - well done. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

Christine Blain

You're going great guns, Sue, and I am cheering you on ALL THE WAY!!! Very excited for you!!!

Ros Davidson

You can do it Sue!


Go Sue. Go Sue......and if all else fails - buy up big!


Good Luck, Sue!


Hope you get it!!!
I wish I were a customer not a demo so I could help you get there :)
Good Luck


I'm with you Sue, you can do it .... you know you can ....

Sue Madex

Thanks Annette. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at your workshop. :-)

Annette Therik

Hope my workshop next Sunday helps to get you a bit closer to your incentive trip....

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