Noosa Incentive Trip 2009: Highlights
Last instalment: Stampin' Up Incentive Trip 2009

The Next Instalment: Noosa Incentive Trip 2009

OK, time for the next quick instalment!  Part 1 of my version of the Australian Incentive Trip is here if you missed it.

Now where was I?  That's right - we'd just finished doing our Masterchef impersonations.  Now it was time for us all to take a seat while the chefs did a bit of cheffing and we had some fruit punch.


Here's some of our handiwork!  Yum.  LOVED those stuffed olives and our scallops were pretty delicious too!




The next courses were just as delicious .....



Then it was time for some awards ....


And can you believe it ..... I actually got the prize for our scallop wrapping group.  Which is rather amazing because I only wrapped a few and as you can see was shooting off to take photos!  I did ask a few questions though while he was chopping so perhaps it was a prize for that bit!  Anyway - I wasn't arguing and was most happy to get my prize ..... a Pretties Kit!


Bye to the chefs ....


... and then it was back on the boat where we had dessert (and I was too busy eating it and dripping lemon sauce everywhere to take photos.)  We headed back to the Sheraton where we had the rest of the day and evening to ourselves.


OK, time's up for now but will be back with more tomorrow (and back with a few cards later this week for anyone yawning there way through Noosa news!)  

Cheers, Sue


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