Festive Faux Silk Cards & Out Of The Office
A Thank You Gift

Special Guest Card Makers: Anne-Marie and Anne-Marie

Today (while I'm zooming off to Noosa for a few days of sun, friendly stamping girls company and no MUUUUUUMMMMMMMM to be heard!) we have a couple of special guests with cards to share.

Coincidentally they're both Anne-Marie!

Anne-Marie S first with these gorgeous cards.


I just love what Anne-Marie has made here using the hostess set 'Live Like You Mean It.'   Definitely going to give this one a go.  Isn't it striking?!

And how cute are these tiny baby cards. (They fit in the palm of your hand.)


And now some creations from Anne-Marie W who has been busy with the 'All In The Family' set.


Love those babies!




Love the dresses with fabric and beads.  Very creative!  And now some sparkly 'Crazy For Cupcakes.'


Anne-Marie makes gorgeous vintage cards too like this ...


Thanks so much to both of you for sharing your creations with the good folk here in blogland.   Leave the girls a comment to say thanks if you get a chance!

And with the magic of Typepad I've set this blog to update while I'm away.  Pop back tomorrow for a look at something special and again on Friday for a peek at my swaps for the guest swap.  I only had to make 6, the Incentive Trip earners made 31 - ye gads!  Actually I made a few extra in case anyone has leftovers :-) 

Cheers, Sunning Herself In Noosa Sue


cecilia archer

wow, love those ideas for the all in the family set... very talented!


Great job both Anne Maries!! All FAB!! but my fave is the Live like you mean it one.
(Did you HAVE to rub it in "Sunning herself in Noosa Sue"??? )

Bec Gomez

Have a fantastic time away! The cards are gorgeous, my favourites are the baby gift cards, the baby with the balloon(love the glitter) & the cupcakes card...although the last card is stunning too! Love them all!!

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