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The Next Instalment: Noosa Incentive Trip 2009

Noosa Incentive Trip 2009: Highlights

OK strap yourselves in girls and grab a cuppa, and maybe a packed lunch - this is going to be a LOOOONG one. 

I was super super lucky to be invited along to the Incentive Trip this year by Claire Daly as her guest.  Had a fabulous time and took lots of pics.  Had my little camera so you'll have to excuse the blurry ones!   Here are a few.

We were greeted at the Sheraton in true tropical holiday style ...



Tropical fruit drink downed and it was time to check out our rooms.



The first of many gifts was waiting for Claire in our room.  I even took this pic of  it and didn't spot that it was a Stampin' Up gift, not just part of the room decor. 


Check out the view from our balcony - aaahhhhh!


I spent a bit of time lazing by the pool on those deck chairs.  Had a swim too once it reached 30 on Saturday and tried out the swim up bar you can see in the pic.  Didn't have time that day for a cocktail so settled for an icecream.  Was funny to sit on a bar stool in the pool and eat it.   Hannah (6) was most impressed when I shared that story during one of my phone calls home.

Went for a wander to check out the shops in nearby Hastings Street.


And took a quick pic of the beach while I was there ...

IMG_1000 IMG_1001

We had a group dinner that first night.  It was great to meet lots of the girls and guests and staff over canapes and a delicious dinner.  Of course, being me I just had to take a bunch of pics of the food.


Check out this dessert table.  Took these photos for Hannah.



I scoffed my selection before I thought to take a pic but Patrice was kind enough to let me snap a photo of hers. 


These guys on the next table were lined up for a photo so I snapped one too.  Lots of laughter was coming from that table during the evening so I think they were having a jolly good time.


Aren't the flower arrangements lovely.  I gather the same florist did all of the arrangements for our group dinners and lunches during the trip.  They were just gorgeous - wait til you see the rest!

Back to the room and Claire's gift was waiting on the bed.  They had to bring this one along for the next day's activity.  You can see a groovy shot of Claire modelling it on her blog.  You probably won't see the groovy shot of one of the hubbies modelling it (and not much else!) on a blog but trust me it was a hoot!


My book and I started off the next day in leisurely fashion on the balcony.  (I managed to fit in 1 and a half novels over the course of the trip - aaahhhh, time to get lost in a book, bliss!)


Then it was time for Claire and I to grab a quick breakfast and head off to the lobby to see what was in store for the group activity.  A cooking theme of course with the scene being set by those chefs hats and aprons.

We all piled onto a boat and headed down the river (river, canal, stream??? whatever!)



Passed some gorgeous houses if you've got a spare few million in the wallet!


Claire and I, and check out that blue sky!


And here's our destination - Ricky's Restaurant by the water's edge.



Ribbons on cutlery told us what team we were in for the cooking activity - a la Masterchef!


Here are the tables all set up waiting for the team members and their chef leaders to arrive.


Now do you see what I mean about the flowers? Aren't these table arrangements just stunning!?


Tables were all ready for us, complete with the recipes for all the dishes.

IMG_1041 IMG_1043

The team Claire and I were with were in charge of the scallops.  We had to wrap them in prosciutto.  Now I'm not renowned for my cooking skills but even I could manage that just fine!

We all gloved up and met our chef who instructed us through the dish preparation.

IMG_1045 IMG_1046




In between scallop wrapping I dashed around to take a few snaps of the other groups. 

IMG_1055 IMG_1056


IMG_1060 IMG_1061

(For the story of how the blow torch = cocktails you'll have to duck over to Marelle's blog!  Ouch!)

IMG_1062 IMG_1064

The owner was kind enough to pop into a pic too.  (As Claire said on her blog, very popular photography subject!)


IMG_1065 IMG_1075


Phew - OK made it this far!  My turn for car pool so it is time for my keyboard to take a bit of a break otherwise Hannah and the boys will be waiting in the school ground! 

Back with a gazillion more photos very soon!

Cheers, Sue


Christine Blain

What a visual feast (pardon the pun)!! Gorgeous photos of what looks like a phenomenal trip. What a treat to READ!!!! Thanks for sharing with us all, Sue.


Glad you had a lovely time Sue. Yes, Hannah was very impressed about the bar stool in the pool because even I knew about it (before reading your blog)! She told me about it in the car during one morning school drop-off.

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