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Incentive Trip 2009 Guest Swap

I'm SOOOO looking forward to seeing the swaps that the Incentive Trip earners have made this year. 

We guests have got our own swap happening too and I thought today I'd show you mine.  I made 15 of them and always love the ideas shared via swaps.


It was a tricky one to photograph (especially when you're doing it in a rush between packing bags, writing lists for hubbies and doing all the other last minute bits and pieces!)

Here's a few other views.


I quite like this one with a bit of mood lighting!


I took step by step photos while I was putting this together and will send a free email tutorial on how to make it with the September edition of my Madex Creations Newsletter early next month.  There's a sign up box up at the top right column if you'd like to join my newsletter crew before then.

Cheers, Sue


Lin Mei Yap

These are really beautiful, Sue! Makes me want a white Christmas.


This is georgeous! I love it and I also can't wait for the tutorial. Thanks ^-^

Anne-Marie Stephanides

I love this card Sue. The graduated colouring of the base card is particularly lovely with the white snowflakes overlaid... can't wait for the newsletter/tutorial!

Sue Bayliss

This card is fabulous Sue the colours are great and the technique looks really interesting. I will have to give it a go in the blue colours they go together so well

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