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A Thank You Gift

Greetings from Noosa.  (OK technically it is from my study a few days ago!) 

Now what do you give someone to say thanks for the opportunity to go on a trip like this??  I wanted to make Claire something to say thanks for inviting me to be her guest this year on the Incentive Trip.  I found this rather cute toothbrush in a bottle so that inspired me to make an 'Emergency Stamping Kit' to hold bits and pieces that might be handy on those times when stamping sessions extend into the wee hours. 


(I used a Pretties Kit container and added some Raspberry Tart and Felt Flowers and what not to pretty it up a little.)

Here's some of the contents.



Claire has helped me with a ton of ideas and encouragement, a terrific forum which has been a great resource plus helped us all connect with other team members and get to know each other, and just by being there to share funny moments, achievements and to help with the odd problem too.   Plus it was her marvellous workshop that got me instantly addicted to Stampin' Up in Jan 2008.  I don't think I dreamed then that as well as spending an enjoyable afternoon making cards I was also getting a super new hobby, a thriving home based business and lots of new craft loving friends - plus a trip to Noosa to get thoroughly spoilt.

Thanks Claire. 

Cheers, Sue


Sharon Field / Createdbyu

What a great idea!!! I think I'll make these for my customers as a thank you this year at Christmas! TFS


LOL! You're so clever! Sure Claire will love it!

Christine Blain

Sue, this is gorgeous - and your stamping 'emergencies' are priceless! Claire will love it. Hope you're enjoying cocktails by the pool!!

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