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Hannah had a couple of days over the holidays where a friend came to play so we had fun getting out some of our craft gear and making cards.


I visited a nursing home near here recently to help a group of residents make a card.  This one worked well as many of the ladies' fine motor control was not what it was in younger days so we couldn't do anything too fiddly.  We were able to decorate the pot with a wheel and assemble it using glue sticks.  I had some kits leftover for the girls to have fun with.

Here's Hannah's:


(They were very delighted to get a couple of Pretties Kit half pearls to add!)

And pull the flowers of course to see the message.


To make the pots I used Creamy Caramel Cardstock.  I cut an A4 sheet into 3 pieces (at 9.9cm.)   Then on each piece I used the scallop border punch on one end.  Scored at roughly an inch in for the pot rim, then just folded it and trimmed a little off each side to taper in the sides of the pot.  Quick and easy!

The girls had some leftover flowers so got creative.  Here's Hannah's card.


Back with more from me tomorrow!

Cheers, Sue



How beautiful Hannah - I can see you are growing a stamping addict Sue! And how great of you to visit a nursing home with this fabulous project! It looks like it was simple enough for them to do but still produce very pleasing and pretty results. Good on you!

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