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Product Shares and Marker Club


If you have received my June newsletter you'd recognise this card.  I quite liked this cute little Trendy Trees card CASEd from the catalogue (pg 99.) 

Thought I'd mention that Lin Mei has a great tutorial for making a little vellum sheet to use with your StampAMaJig for lining up those trunks so you don't end up with a tree floating off into space.  :-)   Very handy tip!

Watercolour-close-up And Tracy emailed me with some lovely newsletter feedback and another use for StampAMaJig sheets - as a palette for markers and ink pads.  People who came along in May to my class scribbled some marker colour onto a stamp case and used it with an aquapainter to watercolour.  The StampAMaJig sheet would be great for this.  Tracy says she puts white paper underneath so you can see lighter colours better.  Thanks for the great tips.  You can visit Tracy at  her blog .

I got another piece of positive feedback this week! You'll find it at the end of this post.

Box-of-markers Marker Club

If you're interested in building your collection of 48 markers over 8 months plus the carry case, the set of 4 neutral markers, a Level 1 hostess set of your choice, $70 to spend, 8 free monthly gifts and 8 bonus marker tutorials, I'm taking names for Group 2 now.  $40 per month for 8 months. 

All the details here:  Marker Club Information

Get in touch to ask questions or join the club. 

Product Shares

I've got a couple of product shares running this month too. 

In Colour Striped Ribbons - 1m of each of the 6 In Colours           

$13 including postage


6-x-6-paper-share DSP Patterned Paper - 6" x 6" square of each paper in the range. 

138 squares in total.  You can find the DSP papers on pages 132 -135

$50 plus postage.

DSP Patterned Paper - 3" x 3" square of each paper in the range

138 squares in total

$11 for one share plus $6.50 postage = $17.50

$22 for two shares (to make the double page display) plus $6.50 postage = $28.50

For Australian Demonstrators wanting a 3" x 3" square of each paper to make a DSP display (or anyone else wanting a small sample of each paper to use in their projects)

Template for the display book and display ring available free, email me if you'd like a copy.



Contact me if you're interested in any of these shares.

And while I'm in INFO mode, I have some retired sets for sale too. 

Find them here: Sue's Retired Sets

Back soon with some creations.  Some of my team are heading over here on Thursday evening and we're getting out the inks and stamps so hopefully I'll be feeling super creative and will have lots to show you afterwards.  (Unless I'm too busy chatting - always a possibility!)  It's fun to stamp with friends.  If you don't know any crafty people, come along to a class and perhaps you'll make some new crafty friends!  Class details here.

This made me smile this week ....

My daughter Hannah (6) got into the 'positive feedback' mood too and left me a little note.

Hannah message 

"Mum, and you have been very nice to me the last few days.  Keep up the good work."

And Jack (2) can always make us smile.  Here he is in fine form with red wig, Ben 10 top  and Hannah's pink Barbie high heels.  Quite the combo.  Must put that one aside for the years to come!

Jack 1 Jack 2

Hope you've had some smiles this week too.

Cheers, Sue


Christine Blain

Sue, you must hold on to Hannah's note and the photos of Jack - just priceless. Made me feel all gooey and nostalgic, now that my kids are a bit older (and marginally less cute). Gorgeous - thanks for sharing!


How cute is you Son! He makes me giggle when I visit your blog. Watch out Jack, you Mum will show this at your 21st lol. Good luck with your product shares and classes. You have some lovely cards and scrapbook pages here and I get ideas to help my creativity too. TFS.


Looks like a good one for Jacks 21st party!

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