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Help I've Deleted My Photos From My Camera!!

Have you ever uttered those words?  Had one of those 'uh oh' moments when you realise you've hit delete by accident??

Camera pic  

Hannah (6) inherited our old digital camera recently and had taken a bunch of photos around the house.  I was keen to scrapbook some of them but before we'd unloaded the camera she accidently hit 'delete all' when trying to turn off the flash - aagghh! 

But all was not lost.  You can read a few more details about how we rescued the shots in my latest Aussie Article:  Rescuing Deleted Photos

Here's the layout that had been floating about in my mind.


The journaling reads:

'We got a new digital camera and you inherited our old one Hannah.  I love to look through your shots and see what has captured your interest.  Lots of photos of Jack, and odds and ends from around the house.  When grandma (a keen photographer) visited I smiled to watch you both out on the balcony capturing shots of the sunlit clouds.

You accidentally pressed 'Delete all' and we thought we'd lost these shots but good old Google and a program called PC Inspector managed to find them again.  They're just day to day moments but they were important to you and I'm glad we got them back.  I love to see the world ... through your eyes.'

And here's the facing page with a few more shots.


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If you'd like a squiz through my past Aussie articles you can find them using this index. 

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Cheers, Sue



What a great idea with passing on the old camera to Hannah. I hadn't thought about that and the boys still have the Fisher Price and Vtech toy ones which are pretty hopeless in terms of photo quality. I might steal your idea! And congrats on being able to restore the deleted files.


So glad you got the photos back ! What a gorgeous piece of journaling. Clever you for capturing all these precious moments for later on- wish I had done that!!

Claire Daly

Fabulous idea for scrapping those pics Sue. Josh has our camera as well and has taken some great ones! Like you said - it gives a real glimpse through their eyes and awesome for scrapbooking!

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