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Ink-caddy-2 It must be about time for some cards on this blog I think! 

I just can't wait to get back into my inks. 

I'm in the middle of a big craft room clean out and house spring clean though so they'll have to wait just a day or so longer. 

Gotta make the most of this spring cleaning bug - goodness knows it sure doesn't hit me often!!

I've just about found the top of my desk though so not long now.

But I do have some quick cards that I made while I was at the Milleara Craft Market in December.  I took along the new square scallop punch and the matching Say It With Scallops stamp set for a play. 


I wanted to make some very simple small square cards, using minimal equipment and supplies.  Here's what I came up with.




I've used my markers to colour directly onto the rubber, then gave a quick huff of warm breath to remoisten the ink before stamping.  For the congrats one I really didn't want to colour each letter with an individual colour so I just scribbled roughly over the whole thing with 3 different colours.  Super easy but I quite like the effect. 

Here's a closeup.


The square scallop punch punches out the shape - remember to stamp first then flip your punch over to do the punching so you can see how it lines up. 

Using the matching cardstock makes it easy to get a coordinated look, even with simple cards such as these.  I've done some tearing, made a tag, added a couple of eyelets here and there.  I love the look of multiple thin mats of coordinating cardstock.

Back later this week with some cards with a few more bells and whistles but hope you like my quick and easy variety for days when you're in a hurry!

Craft Storage

Dvd-storage I'm having quite a nice time rearranging all my craft gear at the moment and thought I'd share some of my storage ideas with you over the next couple of weeks. 

I am lucky that we have a study in this house (so I can tuck everything away from mischievous toddlers!)  I seem to be gradually taking over the whole room ...  hee hee. 

Here's the latest addition that I managed to wedge in to a spare space.  It is actually a DVD/CD unit but my eagle eyes spotted it at Officeworks and thought it'd be perfect for stamps! 

Now the larger sets are a bit of a squeeze, but its working well I think.

Lots of different adjustable sized compartments so I can group my stamps in little groups. 

John screwed it to the wall so that I didn't pull it over when I took out the more snugly fitting ones.

Goodness - my collection of stamp sets has certainly grown over the last year.  To think that this time last year I'd not really heard of Stampin' Up and only had 2 alphabet stamp sets!

Still some spare space there though I think .....


My other piece of storage that I am thoroughly enjoying is my Colour Caddy (pg 151.)  I'd been contemplating it for AGES and was thrilled to reach a Stampin' Up milestone a month or so back that meant I could choose $200 of products free.  This was top of my list and I love it.  Keeps my ink pads neat and tidy, with space for my ink refill bottles and some other inks such as Staz on and Versamark at the top.

I'll be back when my craft room makeover has progressed a little further to show you more storage ideas.




Susan Poile

Great idea for your stamp Sue. I thought of one of these quite a while ago but with the amount of stamps and stuff I have got I might need 2 or 3 LOL but this looks great!

Sue M

Hmmm - I reckon I could fit another unit in next to it if my collection keeps expanding. Actually - shall I confess I do have a few more sets. My retired ones are tucked away on another shelf. Hee hee.

Miriam Thomas

You've definitely been busy Sue- when you're finished at your place you are more than welcome to come to mine. I love the multicoloured marker technique- I will definitely give that a try myself. Such a 'simple' technique that looks VERY effective!

I have a similar storage area for my stamps too! Fits on top of my desk and nearly touches the roof (not filled with stamp sets though......yet)


OMGsh!! I love your binder for your SU patterned papers!
How did you do it without cutting up your precious paper? Or did you use scraps?
I love it!!!

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