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Trolley-box Lots to show you today so better grab a cuppa! 

Firstly a big thanks to those people who were coming along to the class tonight for being so understanding about the last minute change of plan.  We had to reschedule as Jack (my 2 yr old) is unwell.   He's sound asleep at present so hopefully will be feeling much chirpier when he wakes up, poor little thing. 

Hannah is busy scrapbooking on the floor here so thought I'd post a few pics for you.  First up storage ...

Storage Ideas - A4 Cardstock Trolley

I came across one of these 10 drawer trolleys at Deals Direct.  (Their website is here.) 

Ordered it and a few days later this arrived by post. (And once again the postie found me in my dressing gown - oops!)

Trolley-assembled Trolley-parts I managed to turn this (left) into this (right) without too many dramas.

Hannah (6) was not convinced of my furniture assembling abilities so I was glad to show her that mummy could follow directions just as well as daddy!

Managed to find a spot in the study to wedge it into - hee hee!   And then the fun bit, filling it up with my cardstock.  (I've been stocking up during SaleABration!)

Trolley-full-of-paper My sister Lisa and I have both decided that we enjoy arranging and rearranging our craft supplies almost as much as we enjoy playing with them!

Any other craft storage buffs out there?

You might like a site someone recently showed me -  Crafty Storage.  You can find it here.

I think I could browse through all the craft rooms and storage ideas there for days ......

Anyway - I have a couple of drawers for each colour family, the neutrals and one for specialty papers such as vellum and metallics and so on. 

(I'll be back later to show you my other little portable paper storage where I keep a couple of sheets of each colour.  Handy for taking out in front of the TV.)

I think that should keep me well and truly stocked up for classes in 2009. 

Speaking of which - I have a new class to add to the January class list.  Next Wednesday 21st Jan, 7.30pm.  4 spaces left in that one. Check details on this page and here's one of the cards we'll be making as we try 2 Step Stamping and Emerging Colour.

Emerging Colour Card


There are a few spots left if you'd like to grab a chair at the table.

Hannah's Card

Hannah's broken arm hasn't stopped her getting lots of craft fun happening!  This is a card she made yesterday.  She's used one of last year's SaleABration sets - Friendship Blooms.


I've got more storage, more cards and some scrapbooking still to share but will save that for another day.  See you back here soon.

Cheers, Sue


Miriam Thomas

My space is in desperate need of another reorganisation- it seems to be an ongoing task. Love your emerging card but my favourite would have to be Hannah's gorgeous card. What talent- especially with one arm in a cast!

Sue M

Thanks Miriam. I'll tell Hannah - she'll be chuffed! And I agree - definitely an ongoing job that storage/craft stuff organising. Cheers, Sue

Susan Poile

I'm in desperate need of organising and storage so thanks for letting us know and Hannah's card is beautiful even if she can't use her broken arm! Well done Hannah, I love it. :) Also your emerging colours card is great Sue I will have to have a go at this one day :)

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