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Blog Tour - Product Share Page

As well as giving my blog a bit of a facelift I've been through and added a few new features, and tweaked some of the old ones.  Here's the next step on the tour ....

Pretties-kit-open A page I've added is the Product Share page.  Here you'll find details of any product shares I'm currently organising. 

Sometimes there are embellishments that you would like to share amongst a group of people.  And sometimes there are people who'd like a hand to find a group interested in the same knick knacks!   This is the spot. 

I'll list details of what the share includes, how much each share is and how many people we need to fill the group.  Once the group is full I'll contact you for payment by direct deposit or Paypal and can then order the product.  I'll split it into shares and post yours to you. 

If there is a product that you're interested in getting a share of, send me an email and I'll see what I can organise.

First up we have a Pretties Kit Share.  Two groups have been filled, ordered and posted and I'm taking names for the third group now.  Find all the details here.  If you love beads, those gorgeous hat pins, pearls and flowers then this is the share for you.  Or order a whole Pretties Kit tin for yourself during Jan/Feb and you'll be more than halfway to a free stamp set from the SaleABration catalogue.

Blog Tour - Search

Beaded-Baroque-Motifs-Sue-M I was hunting back through my blog to find this beaded card I did months ago and it took me AGES. 

So I figured maybe a Search Function would be handy. 

Hunted about and found a search widget to pop onto my blog and so now you can find the Search Section in the right column. 

Trusty old Google.  You can search just this site or the whole of cyberspace.  (Watch out - don't get lost out there!  I've been known to lose an hour or so thanks to good old Google.)

By the way if you need details on this card you can find them in this post.   One of my favourites.

More blog tour guide notes to follow soon!

Cheers, Sue


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