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"Mum, can Jack and I share a banana?"   Hannah burst into the study to ask me this a few days ago.  After I picked myself up off the floor - 'banana' is not usually the food item at the end of that frequently heard sentence! - I thought, "When I get time I'll scrapbook that."

If you've ever found yourself saying 'When I get time .....' you might be interested in my article today over at Aussie Scrapbooking.  You can find it here

Here are a couple of layouts from my article.  Click on them and change the % in the lower right corner of the new screen if you want to read the journalling.



Some 'bite sized' heritage album ideas there using Secret Garden Scrapbooking kit.  Check out the kits on pages 137 - 139 if you'd like a kit to help you get some speedy scrapping done. 

I've just enrolled in Erika Martin's Soulology Online Scrapbooking Course and am really looking forward to it.  Two of the talented scrapbookers from the Stampin' Up team I belong to are on the design team - Claire Daly and Anita Meade.  I love their work.  I've been looking at the course for a few weeks now and finally decided to register.  It sounds like it will be very inspiring and thought provoking.   I believe there are a few spots still remaining if it sounds like your cup of tea.

Cheers, Sue



Ooops! sorry, I think this is suposed to be here, not under the Touch of Nature post...

Hey Sue, this is such a fabulous idea and I love the way you're putting it all together. I have also been making a Family Heritage Scrapbook and hope it turns out as fun as yours! TFS :)

I've also just enrolled in Erika Martin's Soulology Online Scrapbooking Course and am really looking forward to it. :) see you over there! :P

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