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Yes Spotlighting Again ...

View From My Desk ...

... No cards or layouts today - just a bit of a waffle about my new space to work.  :-)

When I had my major craft clean up last weekend I decided to add some more photos to my workspace.  I like looking at some of my favourite shots of my favourite people while I work.  Here is the current crop on my magnetic board.

Photo board on desk

And in the shelf section above where I sit I have a space for some more pics plus a spot to put whatever cards and items I've made most recently, before they are ready to go into my display box, or into envelopes and sent on their way. 

Cards and pics on desk

Where do you do most of your paper crafting??  Sometimes I like to take a project and set up on the kitchen table or in front of the TV.  I really appreciate how lucky I am to have a desk and shelves though in a room with a door that Jack (nearly 2) can't yet reach!  Very handy, especially given his fondness lately for drawing with crayons.  So far always on paper, but his version of what paper is good for some crayoning and mine sometimes differ!

Back soon with some more creating.  Thanks for popping by.

Cheers, Sue



Very good idea Sue, inspirational photos and I love all your work, well done and keep posting:) TFS

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