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Some Exciting News ...

Profile photo Well - its exciting to me anyway!  

I've mentioned the website Aussie Scrapbooking a few times lately you might have noticed as I've been enjoying reading the scrapbooking blog posts there and trying some of the challenges and competitions. 

I'm quite chuffed to let you know that I will be joining their crew of regular contributors so keep an eye out for my scrapbooking posts over there. 

www.aussiescrapbooking.com.au if you want to take a peek.

Carpet Licking layout

Most of my scrapbooking tends to be about my two munchkins.  I think I specialise in higgledy piggledy albums with a bit of this and a bit of that, rather than working on one project from start to finish. 

Anyone else like this?   I'm the same with other crafts and hobbies.  When I was having a knitting phase I had 3 or 4 items on the go at once as I got sick of working with the same colour for yonks - :-) 

It suits me though. We love looking through the assortment of albums on the shelves and remembering snippets of daily life that we would otherwise have forgotten I am sure.  That is the real magic of scrapbooking and why it is such a passion of mine.

I'm looking forward to my new role at Aussie Scrapbooking.   Pop by sometime and have a look around. 

Cheers, Sue


Lin Mei

Congratulations Sue! It's very exciting news, indeed! The post is richly deserved and I am certainly looking forward to reading your contributions on Aussie Scrapbooking.

This layout is a hoot - so cute!

Anita Meade

Good on you Sue. I'll certainly be popping in to see what you've got to say! What a cute photo on this LO! Thanks for the giggle :)


I took a look at your article in Aussie Scrapbooking - Congratulations on becoming a contributor - but I think you will find that once you have retired you might be lucky enough to have grandchildren, and you will still rather scrapbook than spring clean! I know I do. :)


Excellent news and I love your scrapbooking :) TFS I'll have to get back into it too as I'm like you, projects everywhere LOL

Sue M

Thanks ladies! Uh oh mum - don't tell my bath that! Cheers, Sue

Erica Boxall

Congrats Sue. You will be great, I always love reading your blog (and emails) as you write so well. Will stop by to check out your articles. Erica

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