Patterned Paper Card
Starting School Scrapbooking ...

Who Likes Pink???

I got the idea for this card from a template in the US newsletter for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators.  Somehow mine ended up being very pink!  (Well Regal Rose actually.)  With a touch of sparkle too so my daughter LOVES it! 


This card is 6" x 3" so you can get 4 cards of this size out of a 12' X 12" sheet of scrapbooking cardstock.  (You can get a pack of 24 sheets in a range of colours for $17.25, or $21.95 for textured so that would be 71c per sheet, 91c for textured.  Divide by 4 cards, add a short bit of ribbon and that is quite an economical design!  OK will put the calculator away now!)  Back to our card. 

I punched the square out of the top with my 1 1/4 inch punch.  (I'm not one for measuring most times so I usually just guess to get it centred!)  I used my mat pack and paper piercer to get a row of holes to frame the square cut out.  I used to use a ruler to mark where to do a row of holes.  It was fiddly and somehow never ended up straight so I LOVE my little mat pack for getting nice even holes. 

The butterfly stamps are from Garden Whimsy (pg 77, $45.95) and the greeting is from Short and Sweet (pg 118, $29.95, so versatile) and I've used Regal Rose ink.  I popped a few dots of glue on with a glue pen then sprinkled some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter for a touch of sparkle.   Some Regal Rose 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon to finish it off.  I think it probably needs a touch of white or something but Hannah loves it like this so might leave it!

Patterned Paper Display BookPhoto_patt_paper

Just a quick note.  If there are any demonstrators out there interested in my patterned paper  display book template, just pop me an email and I'm happy to share!  It fits 3" x 3" patterned paper squares, and I punched out the matching cardstock squares with the 1 1/4 inch punch.

Thinking of Becoming A Demonstrator??

If you are thinking of becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator give me a call and we can chat.  I can answer any questions you might have and send you out an information pack.  As an extra, I have several packs of 3" x 3" squares of all our patterned paper as welcome aboard gifts for anyone joining my team before the end of July. (Limited to the first 3 actually as I have 3 more packs!)  I'm part of a friendly supportive group and can help you get started.  Meeting other people who share a love of craft has been one of the things I've most enjoyed since joining Stampin' Up!

Mmmm, I can smell delicious lamb shank and vegie soup bubbling away out there in the kitchen.  John, the kids and I donned coats and headed out in the rain to Vic Market this morning.  Something about browsing the stalls just makes you want to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegies.  (OK so we did have our traditional coffee and donuts too!)  I've put the soup on the stove and John is making his famous fish and asian greens dinner tonight so it is turning into a gourmet day.  (He and Hannah are also baking banana bread at the moment as we forgot we had a bunch here in the fruit bowl and got more so bananas are threatening to take over our bench!)   Think I'd better go and warm tJack_ride_koalahe tummy!

A big cheerio to all my overseas blog visitors too.  Couple more Aussie animal pics from my photo files.  OK well a real koala would have been better, but that is a live wWombatombat!

Cheers,   Sue   


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