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Recently I got the instructions for these gorgeous chocolate holders from Kathryn - another demonstrator I know.  They are so easy to make and really dress up a bar of chocolate into a delicious gift!

Chocolate box

To open you just pull the bow at the top like so ....

Choc box extended

I'll pop it on my list of things to include in future tutorials, so newsletter subscribers keep your eyes out for this one.  If you'd like to receive my email newsletter and tutorial each month there is a spot to register near the top of the left hand column on this website.  Pop your email address in and follow the prompts. 

Congratulations to Wendy from Avondale Heights who won this chocolate holder along with a basket of stamping goodies at my stall at Milleara Craft Market today.  Hello to those visiting my website after popping by today.  I'll be back in the same spot next month - June 22nd, cnr Milleara Rd and Buckley St at Milleara Shopping Centre.  Hope to see you there.

Cheers,  Sue

PS For those blog visitors who know my sister Melissa and her husband Luke - they became the proud parents of baby William on Friday morning.  All are well, baby is just SOOO cute and James seems to be settling into his role as big brother.  Will post a pic if I get the all clear from the proud parents!  Better check first!


Sue M

Taking photos today for the June tutorial. (Ate the first prop so had to go restock the choccy cupboard to finish the photo shoot!)

Robyn A

What a great idea. I look forward to seeing your instructions, can't wait to give it a go and maybe make some as dinner party place setting gifts.

Sue M

Coming soon newsletter subscriber! - watch the inbox at the start of June! (Now to make sure I don't eat the props before I get a chance to do the photos ......)


Great idea! Can't wait to see the instructions for how to "dress-up" a simple gift.


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