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OK lets try again on my class details.  I wrote a long post earlier today with a few pics of the kids thrown in then hit 'preview' and lost the lot somewhere.  Hunted around but couldn't find it!   Don't you just hate it when that happens....

April Class Dates:

All classes at my place in Avondale Heights.  Limited places, phone or email to book a spot and for directions.

New Catalogue Launch:  Tuesday 8th April (yep that is tomorrow) 7.30 - 9pm

Have a browse through our new Idea Book and Catalogue for 2008/2009.  Stamp on a candle (great for gifts) and make a card.  All materials provided.

Stamp A Stack (Card Making Session):  Thursday 17th April, 7.30pm

EveryoArt_asian_red_2ne loves a one of a kind card made just for them.  Come along to a Stamp A Stack cardArt_asian_blue  making session.  Make 8 cards (4 each of 2 designs) and have fun chatting at the same time. (Have popped in a picture of one of the designs we'll be doing, different colours available.  Choose your favourites.)  COST:  $15 for the session.   Bring along your favourite adhesive (photo tabs, double sided tape) or you can preorder some Snail adhesive ® ($12.95) from me

Stamping Technique Class (Emboss/Emboss Resist): Tuesday 22nd April, 7.30pm

Once a month technique classes.  At each class we will learn 2-3 techniques for stamping and cardmaking, and will make 3 cards or other items using the techniques learnt.  Come each month or jus to one or two to get some inspiration.  COST: $12 per class.  Bring your own adhesive or preorder some from me.)

Contact me for more information on any of these classes, or to book a spot.  0417 377 057.

Now speaking of losing things, hope we didn't lose something today.   Jack was sitting on his little couch watching the Wiggles this morning and eating a banana.  Actually, just holding a banana for about 20 minutes or so would be more accurate.  I went to put a load of washing on and when I came back the banana was gone.   Now where I am wondering!  In the tum, or has he hidden it somewhere!  Have had a good look around but will be keeping an eye out for a few days!!! 

Cheers all,   Sue


Sue M

Yep I might have to take back that bit about it being easy since I put my stamped image onto my candle crooked and you half melted yours! Liked your purple one Ange. Lisa - Jack is obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine now so wants to wear his Thomas PJs everywhere! When I zip up his sleeping bag he says 'Bye Thomas.'


Blimey - I popped on to thank you for the great time I had at the catalogue launch and got sidetracked by Jack's new look. He cracks me up! You'll certainly have to save these photos for his 21st!!

I really enjoyed tonight. The Versamark stamp with the chalk set is a great new technique. The candles were fun too - even if I did get a bit carried away with the heat gun and half melt mine!! Hopefully I'll have better luck (and more sense) next time I try this one.

Thanks again - it was a great night.


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