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Hello Again,

Well as I said yesterday a box of supplies arrived - my first order from the new catalogue.  Thought I might show you some of the beaut new bits and pieces.


Here are the In Colours for 2008/2009.  I got a pack of the mixed colour cardstock and 2 ink pads - Purely Pomegranate and Wild Wasabi.  Can't wait to try them out.

I haven't done much scrapbooking lately - having a card making phase - but I ordered one of the Simply Scrappin' kits (Secret Garden) and some rub ons (Cherished Memories) so am all set now.  I want to do an album with photos of some of the family relatives from long ago.  You know - those photos that sit about and half the time you don't know who they are or anything about the person, just that you are in some way related.  I don't really want to do a big involved family heritage album just yet but thought I'd do a small one and just pop in some of the old black and white and sepia photos of our ancestors and a quick bit of info about the person.  (Mum and Fran - Stay tuned for some phone calls and emails - Who is this?? What do you know about them??)

Here are the supplies.  Love the rub ons - a sheet of white and a sheet of black, about 15 x 30cm.  I think they are pretty good value at $19.95.   Who gets out and about in the rub on shops?? What do you think??  The Simply Scrappin' kits come with textured cardstock now.  I think this one will go well with my sepia photos.


Anyway - while I am here thought I'd add a little mini tutorial on watercolouring with an aqua painter and ink pad.

First I stamped the image I wanted to colour in Basic Black.  (You need to use a waterproof ink like Basic Black or Brown or Stazon wSqueeze_lidhen you are going to be adding water.) 

To colour it first I squeezed the middle of the ink pad lid. 

Then when you open it you have a smudge of ink on the lid which you can dip your aqua painter in.  (An aqua painter has a waAquaptr_on_lidter reservoir at the top with a brush on the end.  You can get a pack of 2 from me or you can find them in Riot Art and Craft too.) 

Hint - Practise first on a scrap of paper until you are happy with how much ink and water you have on your brush.  If you have too much water just brush away for a bit until the scrap paper soaks some up.  If you need a little more just give the water reservoir a little squeeze.

You can start out with a little colour then build up more if needed by brushing some more. 

When you are done just wipe the excess ink off the lid.  (You will get a bit of staining. If it bothers you then you can usually remove it with a tissue dampened with Stampin' Mist.)

I used this method to watercolour the poppies here.  (Using the hostess set Oh So Lovely.)  I used Purely Pomegranate for the flowers and a little Basic Black for the stems, plus a touch in the middle of the flower.   Will add it to a card another day.


And that is it from me for today.  Better go check on my napping boy.  He woke up with the miserables and a high temp today and has spent half the morning snuggled up on my lap.  Hope he feels better after a sleep.  (Although I did quite enjoy a nice long snuggle and relax on the couch with my little radiator lad.  Shhhh!)   

Hannah was quite pleased with the whole morning as she got to have a lunch order again.  (Bit easier than making sandwiches with a 19 month old attached at the hip!)

Happy Friday - have a good weekend.

Cheers,  Sue


Sue M

Thanks Rebecca. Yes mum the background mottled effect is one of the stamps. The set has that one plus 3 flower stems. Sue M


Very nice Sue! I got this set too & I think it's very pretty. I love what you've done with the water colouring.


I like the effect you have achieved in this card. I am curious about the background - is that a stamp you have used to get the mottled effect?
Good idea too about the simple family albums. Sometimes you only know a little snippet of information about someone so that is a great way to highlight it.


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